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Good Answer: You most likely had a blown head gasket. Do No Run The Car. if you arent compentent with doing it ytour self take it somewere. this is a complex job to fix. it it moslt likely due to the factory mistake of under tourquing the head. have the head inspected and milled flat. get new studs OEM or ARP and clean everything drain oil and coolant and reassemble with a new gasket set ( i used an HKS stainless gasket, this requires having the block milled as well) re assemble the motor very carefully and make sure it is in time. torqe the head in the correct sequence to at least 70 on OEM replacemtn studs or at least 80 on ARP studs and make sure you fill the oil and coolant. when everything is back together be sure to let the car start up and run for a few minutes. change the oil and coolant to flush out the old stuff. and refill. coolant in your crank or rod bearing will ruin your motor VERY quickly. and if you decide to take on the project your self take your time you will regret it if you don't.

Head gasket could need to be replaced. When the head is removed you can check for warpage and cracks, but I would go with the head gasket first. When the head gasket blows, fuel is pushed into your coolant and coolant into your cylinder....Fuel in the coolant causes over heating, coolant or water in your cylinder causes white smoke to come out of the exhaust. Cracked head is un likely but a blown head gasket is definite.

Answerheads are cracked new answer headlinewhen your engine is cool take off the radiator cap and start the car it there are bubbles coming out of the radiator you probably have blown head gasket or warpped/cracked head pull the head and take it to a machine shop to check it the head is cracked or warpped if not install a new head gasket and will fix it with little expense just the machine shop inspection and a new head gasket. my 87 blew a head gasket and did the same things.
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Q: I have a 1988 Supra and I have 2 current problems. I can not get the coolant light to turn off and I can't stop the white smoke from the exhaust?
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