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Have you checked the power going to the alternator? Alternators should get 12 volts at the main stud. a fairly hefty white wire attaches there. that wire has a fuse labeled "ALT" at the positive battery terminal. check that wire for power if it doesnt have power, check the fuse. Aha ! pulled off tape around main power wire and found wires had pulled almost all the way out of the connector, could wiggle wire with meter connected and see voltage fluctuate from 2V up 11V, cleaned and re-crimped and seems fine. Thanks for the Help, I will be back.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-05 05:29:32
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Q: I have a 1990 Camry that is not charging the battery. I had the battery fully charged Friday and the following day I drove it and it was fine but Sunday didnt drive it and by Monday was completly dead?
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Can you overcharge a battery?

With a standard battery charger, no. The charger will stop charging when the battery is fully charged.

How do you check if my TomTom is charging?

To check if your TomTom is being charged,connect the charger ,power on the unit , tap the bottom right of the Driving view to get to the route summary screen. If the battery is being charged, the word Charging is shown under the battery symbol on the right. If you don't see the word Charging, the battery is either fully charged (indicated by a completely filled battery symbol) or it isn't receiving external power.

If a charging system check sHow is a fully charged battery and a high charging rate the technician SHOULD test the?

The Alternator.

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it means it still charging, when fully charged that will turn into a cord plug

How do you know when battery is charged?

It will read 12.6 volts - thirty minutes after charging.

Can a car battery be charged by solar panel?

With the proper charging equipment, yes.

Can you charge a 12volt battery with a 6volt charger?

NO, a 12 volt battery cannot be charged with a 6 volt charger. To charge any battery, the charging voltage has to be, at least, slightly higher than higher than the voltage of the battery. Current flowing through the battery is what accomplishes the charging, and no current will flow at or below the voltage of the battery to be charged.

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It does, but a different kind, it needs to be charged instead of having a battery put inside.

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The phone will go flat quickly. When charged it'll never switch from "charging" to "charged". Or it'll say that charging is complete real fast, even when starting from a flat battery.

What keeps a battery charger from over charging a battery pack?

Most good battery chargers are automatic and will stop charging when the battery is fully charged. But if the charger is a manual charger it can overcharge the battery. With this type charger it is up to you to remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. Normally this is based on the amount of time the charger takes to charge the battery pack. Operators manual will list the time.

Why does your battery warning light stay on despite the battery being charged normally?

Sometimes even though the voltage at charging is good the battery or alternator could be low on charge or charging low for your vehicles specs.

What are the possible reasons a 1991 Honda CRX does not stay charged?

Altenator is not charging battery!!

Is it normal for a battery to get warm its charging?

Yes, rechargable batteries tend to get warmer when charged.

What is the effect of overcharging laptop battery?

if the laptop battery over charged, the laptop battery will get hot, Seriously will damage the battery, but now most of the laptop battery have a overshoot protection, when the battery was full charged, it will stop charging automatic, so it won't worry about it

Why want the battery stay charged on a gas powered golf cart?

Either the charging system has failed or the battery is bad.

How do you know your iPod shuffle is charging?

There should be a little light next to the off button. Its green when the battery if fully charged, its orange when its charging/ needs charging and its red when its got very low battery. I hope this helps you :D

Why battery does not stay charged on your lawn mower?

Dead cell in battery, loose of corroded battery connections, or the charging system on the mower engine is defective.

What keeps the battery charged on a riding mower?

There is a charging system that is under the flywheel. It is a magnetto system.

What is the function of charging system in a car?

To run all the electronics on the vehicle and to keep the battery charged.

Does charging my cell phone battery every night make it not hold a full charge?

I don't think that charging a cell phone battery every night hurts the battery. It does not matter how long the battery is being charged. The battery is created for specified period of time and then needs to be changed.

When to know portable DVD player is charged?

Every portable DVD player has a light somewhere to show how good the power is, such as a green, orange, or red light. If you are charging the battery while the player is off, either a light on the battery or on the player will shine red when charging. The light will change to green when the battery is fully charged

Is a battery charging a chemical or physical change?

When a battery is charged, the energy you put into it is stored in the form of chemical changes inside.

Your battery is making a gurgling noise on your 94 Civic What is going on?

battery will make a gurgling sound when being charged while being charged, the acid(liquid) in battery heats up. u should not hear this in normal conditions in a vehicle should only hear it when on a battery charger check that sides of battery are not bulging.this is a sign that the battery is about worn out and is over charging, have battery, alternator and coplete charging system checked. batteries give off a gas when charging if overcharging, this gas is highly explosive and any small spark can ignite it

Can you ruin a car battery by over charging?

Most definitely you can ruin it. Always charge an auto battery with an automatic charger that shuts down when the battery if fully charged.

Does a car have to be moving to charge the battery?

No , for the battery to be charged the engine must be running . This means that your alternator , if it's functioning properly , is charging the car's battery as the engine is on/running .

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