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I have a 1990 cr500r Honda 2 stroke that can be pull started but wont kick start could you tell me what is wrong with it runs fine when started but can kick start only pull start?


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You have to kick the crap out of those things. I own a 1995, I have to find some thing to hold myself up on and kick it right through the whole range of the kick start for it to run. Make sure you are kicking through the compression stroke. To find the compression stroke slowly push the kickstarter through it's range until you feel 2 points of resistance. Those 2 points of resistance are where the piston has reached it's highest points in the compression stroke and has begun it's descent back down. After reaching the highest point keep pushing the kickstarter moving the piston a few more inches. The goal is to position the piston as close to the top of the stroke as you can while still being able to kick through the next compression stroke.

With the piston positioned make sure to kick through the full range. The full range includes still being in the kicking motion as the piston travels through top dead center and exits the compression stroke.