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Q: I have a 1992 Ford Aerostar Van that blows luke warm air up front and cold air in the rear. I replaced the thermostat and both heater cores with no improvement. Any suggestions?
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1989 Labaron Faster you go the colder the heater gets The dealer has replaced the thermostat and dash control unit with no improvement?

have the water pump checked

You have 1990 Ford Aerostar 30L is overheating we had the thermostat replaced recently and it was working fine for a day now it is overheating again Also the heater is not producing any hot air?

Thermostat could be at the tempure setiting, No antiboil antifreeze coolant, and the water leakage or a bad waterpump.

On a 2001 ford ranger the thermostat will not open?

The thermostat is done it has to be replaced.......

When you Replaced the thermostat in 98 deville with a 4.6 and it still overheats any suggestions?

theyre maybe an air bubble in the block causing it to overheat,or it could also be a bad water pump

2004 Monte Carlo overheats radiator replaced cooling sensor replaced cooling system flushed fans replaced thermostat replaced any suggestions on fixing problem?

you might want to check for a blown head gasket or a cracked head or block. espically if it loosing water out of the radiator with out leaking on the ground.

When should you change the timing chain on a 95 ford aerostar van?

at what milage should the timing chain be replaced on a 95 ford aerostar

How many Ford Aerostar were produced in total?

The Ford Aerostar is a van that was produced from 1986 to 1997 by the Ford Motor Company. They produced 2,029,577 Aerostar vans in that time. This model was replaced by the Ford Windstar.

How do you repair the thermostat on a BMW 328i?

Can not be repaired, only replaced with the thermostat housing as one unit.

1995 Chevy astro overheating after water pump and thermostat replaced?

brilliant, the thermostat is backwards

How do you unstick thermostat on 2005 Monte Carlo?

You don't. You replace a thermostat that has failed. They are meant to be replaced.

Can you fix the thermostat in my 1997 Dodge Durango without buying a new on?

If the thermostat has failed it will need replaced.

Why is it running hot after i replaced thermostat and water pump?


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