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Several possiblilities.Starter motorStarter solenoidignition switchwiring.

Intermittant starting problems can be a real pain to troubleshoot. If it is not cranking or if it is cranking but not starting you will have two large and different branches to follow to the source. If it is not cranking, it is likely electrical, such as ignition switch, solenoid, starter motor, battery, or even loose of dirty connections. If it does crank but not start, then you ned to look at many possibilities that would fall under lack of spark, fuel and or compression.

I had similar problem with my 85 caprice classic. Sometimes, it cranks, but doesn't start. Once it starts, it runs smoothly. Usually, I have to give no or little gas to start it. We changed almost everything, starter, distributor cap, coil... cleaned carborator, fuel tank, air filter. Still having problem. First it used to start in morning (cold boot), but not in afternoon. But last two times,it couldn't start in morning, too. Our mechanic still couldn't find out the cause.

If you don't want a permanent fix but want the car to temporarily start, just put it in neutral and turn the key. When you can't figure out what the problem is and nothing else works, that usually does. I always try that first when a car doesnt start because its the easiest thing to do.

this was happening with my Volvo s40 2001. The problem was the fuel pressure controller (as this is fuel injection system). It starts fine the first time, then after a couple of hours you have to hold and crank for a couple of seconds. The first time the engine is turned off the gas remains in the manifold also causing flooding. I ignored this problem the first time it started happening. After 1 week the car died and I had to replace both fuel pressure controller and the idle control motor and this stopped working as I was driving the car around. Total cost of repair for me - $550. Repairing the fuel pressure controller is $200. So if this happens to you, take it to a garage and get it fixed and save some money.

Heres more info on a fix of that passover module starting problem. If you try this fix, please report back the results.


n my opinion, used parts won't solve the problem either because they will just fail like the new part that I put on. There are literally thousands of posts on the internet of people with these same ignition lock cylinder problems. The N-body cars seem to be the leaders.(Malibu, Alero, Grand-Am) Yeah, I can see where this might seem a bit involved.... but it's really not. I just wanted to follow up with evidence of how it works. The quick simple fix is just to cut the yellow wire and tape up both ends. I took a screwdriver to pop the cover from around the stereo and took out 4 screws. Then, pulled out the stereo. The 3 wires from the ignition are right there on the left. Start the car and cut the yellow wire. That's it. You won't have to replace the ignition lock cylinder until it falls apart. I don't have to worry about my wife and kids being stuck somewhere. I certainly didn't mean for it to come across as being complicated at all. Enevitably, someone will ask why this works.Report Post | IP: Logged

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Q: I have a 1993 ford escort. i started the car and than 3 hours later i tryed starting it and it just turned over. my dad tryed starting it and it started sometimes and other times it didnt.what isprob?
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