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I have the same truck and have the same problem.... I don't think its anything serious I just try to ignore it ha ha

LOL just play the radio loud.... but really... could be a couple of things... check the u joints... park in a level spot turn off the truck and put it in netural... get under and shake the heck out of the drive shaft then turn it some and shake it some more...any play near the rear joint or the front ... its like a cv knuckle ... and that's a problem area...

Next possibility and more likely is the rear pinion gears... when there is any play they will do that clunk up..... how is your speedo acting when on the highway? like at high speeds say 70 plus? is it smooth or does the speedo needle jump around?...If it jumps then you prob have a ring and pinion problem... (the speed sensor is mounted on the rear axle and is a hall effect thing i think)

a driveline place can help with that trouble shooting.

Also is the possibility of ... what i think is called torktion (sp?) twist . .. where the axle rotates some both when braking and when taking off... I know the bronco has a t bar on the rear so that may be why its there.... check the rubber on those....

Check the drive shaft where it attaches to the rear yoke. It is splined and is made to slip in and out allowing for the drive shaft to be longer or shorter when going over bumps and also if the axle rotates some when taking off or braking.

I would remove one end of the drive shaft (prob the rear) then pull the yoke out of the drive shaft and grease it up. Put it back together and be sure it slides easy enough - be sure to put the dust cover boot back on.

2013-08-18 21:13:16
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Q: I have a 95 bronco When you take off fast you hear and feel a thud what could it be i heard it could be the spider gears in the back are bad or the u joints but i dont know what it is please help me?
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