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#1 a thermostat must be in the system for the coolant to get hot enough to heat the vehicle. #2 check to see if the coolant is flowing through the core by feeling to see if the 2 hoses are hot, if not look for a valve inline on one of the hoses it is rusted shut. If they are both hot then the air mix door in the heater is stuck on vent or a/c and wont let the heat through the door can be opened manually by moving the lever on the heater under the dash

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Why is your ac leaking water inside your Pontiac Vibe on the passenger side floorboard?

because your ovberflow or condenture tube is clogged remove it and just blow it out with air

Why does my 1987 jeep wrangler not blow hot air out of the vents?

Vent bypasses heater core when open,it is for outside air only...I know this because I just replaced heater core.

What would cause the AC-heater to not have power on a Jeep Wrangler if all the fuses are working?

It mite not be a fuse have you checked the vacume hoses that come from intake manifold this can cause the fan not to blow.

Would a clogged gas filter cause check engine light to go on?

Well if its clogged then i say you need to get it fixed!, it could blow!!! It could blow because of the pressure build up in side

Does anyone have a map of the power distribution box for a 1999 Jeep Cherokee?

I have a 99 wrangler and have had problems with the wires shorting out or corroding under the box. I had to remove the box and replace some wires, the fuses in the box did not blow.

How do you know if a fuel filter is bad?

Remove it and blow through to see if it is clogged. Rather than seeing if it is clogged just replace it to make sure.

How do you fix leaking ac into floorboard of 2005 Mitsubishi eclipse?

most common is a clogged evap drain hose find hose in engine compartment right side lower firewall and blow compressed air into hose. leaves and mulch are the cause

Why would 98 jeep wrangler blow a freeze plug in the summer?

Most likely reason is that it is rusted out. Improper coolant to water ratio can help freeze plugs rust from the inside, and wet weather will help it along on the outside.

Why doesnt my 2001 Chevy silverado ac not blow hard?

Clogged cabin filter

What will make a car blow oil out the dipstick tube?

It could be a clogged PVC valve.

Why is there oil in the intercooler of my skyline?

oil in intercoolereither turbo seals leaking or excessive blow from engine via tappet cover breather or clogged air filter or under capacity air filter could be some of the causes kulvir66.comIndia

How do you tell if the fuel filters are clogged?

Take it off and try to blow through it. If you can't blow through it, it is clogged. Now, since you have it off....replace it. Fuel filters should be changed like oil filters, especially with the quality of today's gas.

Why would a back heater blow cold air and front heater blow hot air in a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban?

The front expansion valve is clogged.

How do you repair a clogged windshield washer system?

I doubt the hose if clogged, but if it is, simply disconnect it and blow through it until it is clear. More than likely the spray nozzle at the end is clogged with car wax. Clean it out with a small pin or needle.

How do you fix the Idle problem on a 1989 wrangler carb?

If it has the notoriously bad Carter BBD carb, you can remove the venturi's and drill them out as they have a tendency to plug up. A webiste that has the blow by blow info on how to perform this is It is rather easy to do and will help to keep the venturi's from pluggin ing hte future.

Why would wiper fuses pop and wipers not work on jeep wrangler 1998?

Dead short in either wiring or wiper motor Disconnect wiring harness to motor and install fuse--if it continue to "blow" problem in wiring to motor -- if it doesn't problem in motor

How do you reach a clogged air conditioning drain line in order to clear it on a 1998 Mercury Tracer LS that is leaking water onto the passenger side floor?

it should exit somewhere thru the firewall into the engine bay. pull it back into the cabin, and blow out the water. it should exit somewhere thru the firewall into the engine bay. pull it back into the cabin, and blow out the water.

2003 Jeep wrangle will not blow heat?

Heater core may be defective

1999 Chevy Silverado doesnt blow and heat what is the problem?

if it doesn't heat your heater core is most likely clogged and if it doesn't blow at all then the blower is messed up.

Why would the vents in the middle seats not blow air if the front and rear work fine?

probally closed or clogged

What would cause a truck air conditioner to blow hot all the time?

Probably leaking freon.

Why would you smell antifreeze and heater blow cold air?

heater core possibly plugged and leaking

Why won't the air conditioner in your Jeep blow through the vents?

hi i like nomey

What if 1990 jeep air conditioner will not blow cool?

Check freon level first

What causes the fuse to blow on a 91 Jeep Wrangler when putting on brakes?

Most likey a bad ground. I would suggest a chaffed hot wire to the tail lights. The bare wire at the chaffing is probably touching the body or chassis and is shorting to ground every time you press the pedal.

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