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Q: I have a compass that has keuffel esser co new york 9181 on the side of it with a big ring around the compass the compass is brass and on the right side it has a key to hold the needle stil tell me ab?
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Why are ships' compasses made of brass?

Partly because brass does not corrode in seawater and partly because brass is not magnetic and so does not interfere with the compass needle.

Why is brass used to house a compass?

it s a magnetic substance

What characteristic of iron would make it a bad material for the housing around a compass?

It could not be used because it attracts magnets and a compass is a specialist form of magnet, utilising the magnetic properties of the earth to give a reading. Compass housings are invariably made of brass, aluminium or plastic.

Why was a ship's compass often mounted in a brass box?

I am not sure yet.but it's tuff

What is the plural possessive form of compass?

The plural form of the noun compass is compasses.The plural possessive form is compasses'.Example: The compasses' cases are made of brass.

What is the singular possessive of the word compass?

There are two accepted forms for possessive singular nouns ending in s:Add an apostrophe (') after the existing s at the end of the word: compass'Add an apostrophe s ('s) after the existing s at the end of the word: compass'sExample:The compass' case is polished brass.The compass's case is polished brass.

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Which brass instrument was around when Columbus was busy sailing the ocean blue in 1492?

Which brass instrument was around when columbus was busy sailing the ocean blue in 1492

What was made out of melted down pewter and brass objects?

wow i have the same question on something called compass learning im pretty sure its ammunition

What is the rigidity modulus of brass?

It is around 40 GPa.

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The current price is around 0.82 per pound for yellow brass

What is the current price for scrap brass?

Old Yellow brass is around $1.75 per lb Red Brass Turnings are around $1.50 per lb pricing does fluctuate and is also based upon grade (wire, turnings, etc.) and quantity.

Were brass musical horns around 2000 years ago?


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BrassOn a brass instrument the bigger the mouthpiece the lower the pitch is.Must brass instrument have keys? The first brass band started around 1815.. All brass instruments have a mouthpiece you have to vibrate your lips.I play the baritone it is like the tuba or the trombone the baritone is smaller than the tuba and it has a no slide like the trombone. Brass instruments normally have a bell so the sound is loud. Most brass instruments are a gold colour or it is a silver colour. The brass instruments are made out of brass that is why it is called brass. The longer the tube is the lower the pitch is the shorter the tubing the high the pitch is. Brass can be classic or jazz.

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What tools and technology did marco polo use on his voyage?

Marco Polo used a parchment maps of all the Mediterranean sea ports. He also used a brass compass and sundial.

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What is the current scrap price for brass?

Current brass scrap price is around 1.60 +/- per pound. Prices are fluctuating due to market conditions.

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Depending on the type of the alloy; many types of brass are known. But generally, around 900 0C for the melting point.

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