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No. The expansion tank will not let coolant drain into the radiator. Doing this will cause the whole system to be clogged up. WHO POSTED THIS MISSINFORMATION. OPEN A REPAIR MANUAL BEFORE YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 17:23:38
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Q: I have a coolant leak on a 1996 Mercury Sable Since there is no traditional radiator cap can the additives that are supposed to stop coolant leaks be added to the expansion tank?
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yes, or should i say its supposed to. If your cars cooling system uses a expansion tank you have a problem on your hands, coolant should be flowing through the expansion tank on a regular basis(when the thermostat opens or closes). if you have a overflow tank, coolant flows in or out as needed by the systems heating and cooling cycles. If the radiator is low top it off then fill the resivor to the minimum cold level(shown on side of tank). But if your coolant levels are low you should ask yourself where is it going? if you cant find a external leak (around waterpump,bottem of radiator or hoses), then you might have an internal leak.

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Why would you only get 2 quarts of antifreeze out of your radiator when there is supposed to be 11 quarts of fluid in the system?

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