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It all depends on what you do with your computer, but most likely not, the emulation software to run a Mac OS on a PCcomputer slows down everything, you are better off just getting a Mac. The only thing that Macs are really better at is Video editing. I have used them for that, and flash and photo editing. Unless you're editing videos, windows is just as good. Also, Macs do get viruses too, just like PC (although they lead you to believe otherwise) so don't switch just for that reason. infact, viruses for Mac's are on the rise.

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Where can an operating system be resided through out processing?

On the harddrive.

Which is the latest Microsoft operating system for desktop computers?

The latest Microsoft operating system for desktop computers is WIndows 7.

When was Syllable Desktop - operating system - created?

Syllable Desktop - operating system - was created in 2002-04.

What are the two basic types of operating system?

There are two types of OS as follow:- Desktop Operating System- Network Operating System

What is the difference between desktop operating system and server operating system?

A desktop operating system is an operating system that was designed for use by people to preform tasks such as writing an essay, reading e-mail, etc, a good example is Windows XP. While a server operating system is an operating system that was designed to run on a server. An example is Windows Sever 2008.

What series is the most widely-used desktop operating system made by Microsoft?

Windows is the most widely-used desktop operating system made by Microsoft.

Can you install desktop operating system on a laptop?

Any operating system that you can run on a desktop can run on a laptop as long as the hardware requirements are met. Installation procedure is similar to the one on a desktop. This applies to Windows, Linux and Mac

What is desktop operating system?

Desktop Operating SystemA desktop operating system is one that is intended for a desktop computer (Unless you are a network administrator or something like that, you probably use a desktop computer.) These OSes usually come with things that one would probably use at a desk. For example, Windows sometimes comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed.

Is an operating system an application?

No, an operating system is not an application, an, "operating system", is another word that refers to a Microsoft Windows-installed desktop PC or notebook, named a, "server."

What is the lastest operating system?

Apple parallels desktop computer

What is the first screen you see after the operating system is loaded?


Stand-alone operating systems?

complete operating system that works on a desktop computers

Is a handheld operating system smaller and less capable than desktop operating systems?


Is the printer classified as harddrive?

No, but it may have a card reader in it which may appear to the operating system as a disk drive.

How do you get a widget on your desktop?

If your computer operating system will allow widgets to run on your computer then you are half way there. Widgets are designed to run in a part of the desktop called the Dock. Either the operating system will allow those widgets to run elsewhere on the desktop or you are out of luck.

A standard desktop computer comes with an embedded operating system?


What kind of operating system does a personal desktop computers?

windows by Microsoft

Which operating system does a personal desktop computer use?

Windows XP

How can one fix computer errors on a desktop computer?

HP offers online support on problems with a desktop computer. Alternatively, depending on how severe the error is and what type of operating system, you can reinstall its operating system.

What software can one use to create desktop icons for the Windows operating system?

Desktop icons are created just by using the operating system itself or with the help of parallels. Parallels creates desktop icons for windows operating system on computers that don't normally run windows including macs. Other softwares include crossover and image-editing softwares.

What is a Windows XP?

windows xp is a windows based operating system it has no serverbased only have client based desktop supporting operating system.

What is the Microsoft operating system for desktop computers released in 2009?

Windows 7

The type of processor in the computer dictates which operating system a desktop uses?


Does the type of processor in the computer dictates which operating system a desktop uses?


Does the windows operating system have built in password protection as well as the entire desktop?