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It's definitely possible here are the symptoms to keep an eye out for

Signs of Anorexia include:

  • Refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height. Weight lossleading to maintenance of body weight less than 85% of that expected; or failure to make expected weight gain during period of growth, leading to body weight less than 85% of what is expected. See calculation of Body Mass Index.
  • Distorted view of one's body weight or shape. Undue influence of body weight or shape on self evaluation, or denial of the seriousness of the current low body weight.


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Q: I have a friend who gained a bunch of weight after her dad died and shes now 300 lbs. She is trying to lose the weight but i fear she is leaning too far towards anorexia. is this possible?
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What should you do if a friend has anorexia?

If a friend has anorexia, firstly do not try and make them eat. It will make them worse, if they want to eat they will. Ask your friend if they have told anybody else (if signs of their anorexia are not showing) and if they have, ask them if they had spoken to a professional about getting help and support. You really do need to push your friend into getting help. He/she will be less likely to succeed knowing that they are not getting full support from their family and friends.

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What can you do to help a friend to not start anorexia?

Tell them that they'll slowly become weaker and weaker and will eventually collapse or have a heart attack and die. They got to know that Anorexia is a disease, once you reach Anorexia it's very hard to turn back. I mean once you get there, you will get help from parents and medical care, but the anorexia will be playing your mind. Just keep an eye out for them or tell their parents what your friend is wanting to do so that friend can get help immediately. I'm a recovered anorexic.

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The conflict of "Wintergirls" is Lia dealing with her anorexia and the ghost of her ex-best friend.

How can you tell if your friend is anorexic?

If you noticed a lack in appetite or she has a significant weight loss, be sure to talk to her about it. Anorexia is serious. Just be a good friend and help her as much as you can.

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How do you help a friend with an eating disorder?

You can help a friend to overcome anorexia by telling them to:Monitoring your eatingChallenging the way you thinkDeveloping assertivenessDealing with anxietyManaging your relationships

How do you recognize if a friend is at risk of anorexia?

Both males and females can suffer with anorexia, but it effects females much more often, so I will tend to use the feminine pronoun she. If a person expresses fear of gaining weight or becoming fat even though she is underweight, this is a possible indication of an eating disorder. If a person refuses to maintain normal body weight, and if her body weight is less than 85% of what it should be, this is a strong sign of anorexia. She may experience herself as overweight or fat, even as you more accurately perceive her as being seriously underweight. She is not fooling or lying; she is having difficulty with her self-perception.Women who suffer with anorexia sometimes engage in binge eating and purging (intentional vomiting or misuse of laxatives, diuretics or enemas). Bingeing and purging are not exclusive to bulimia. Bulimia is also a very serious disorder. You mustn't conclude that if a friend is binge eating and then purging that she cannot have anorexia; she may indeed.If a friend who has begun menstrual cycles tells you that she has missed two or three cycles in a row, do everything you can to get her to her doctor. This is a serious symptom of anorexia and it needs attention right away.

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What are the side effects of anorexia?

being super thin, ending up in the hospital, losing all of your friend and the respect of people, and dying

How do I help a friend with anorexia?

First, it would help to be reasonably sure that your friend is suffering with anorexia. Are you sure that is what the problem is? If your friend is not seeking help (first and most critically from a medical doctor, and if that's in place, with a therapist as well) then I would gently and constantly remind your friend that professional help is absolutely necessary. I wouldn't let up. You can be gentle, and it doesn't have to be the subject of everything you talk about, but don't let a day go by. Anorexia is potentially life-threatening, and there is help. If your friend refuses to get help then make sure that your friend's parents are aware of your concern, and I'd talk with your friend's teachers or school counselors as well. If people get upset with you, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It will mean that they know there is a serious problem. If your friend is already getting medical and counseling help, the best you can do is just be a friend. Don't accept it when your friend says negative things about her/his body size or appearance. In response, tell your friend the truth as you see it; "you are too light; you need to put weight on; your condition is not healthy. You do not need to lose weight-- you need to put weight on to be healthier." Not to be neglected by you: Please, be aware that your friend is making her/his own decisions. Be a friend, but don't take on an emotional burden that does not belong to you. You are (presumably, from the nature of the question) NOT in charge of your friend's life or responsible for your friend's care or well-being. Telling the truth, and holding reality up to the light of day-- that's what friends do. It is not your job to make yourself sick over this, or to take over your friend's emotional life. Ans) Help your friend recognize her problem. Convince her to take some expert advice and professional help. Also, it is vital for to go under therapy. Anorexia is a problem which is much more than food and weight. Once she goes for anorexia treatment she has high chances to recover from it. You can avail more information about anorexia at: .

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