I have an Ashley Belle Doll named Holly year 1968 What's she worth?

I don't know how much your doll is worth, but I can tell you how to find out. Dolls are sold on the secondary market among collectors and there are books for collectors that list dolls by name and brand as well as the current selling price. You can find a book like this in a big bookstore. When I want this type of info I go to the bookstore section that has this type of book and pull up a chair. I look up what I want to know the price of and then put the book back. Another source is eBay. I often will do a search in the collectible sections and see if I can find an item listed like mine. This gives me a base value of my item. Finally, an antique store may have this info as well, but watch out here. Often antique stores will give you a lower value so you will sell it to them and then they can mark it up.