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If this guy is willing to give up his current girlfriend for you then he would of already done so . If he has , then there is a sign of truth . If he is still currently with his girlfriend and tells you he will break up with her for you .. then he is most likely to break up with you later on for another girl. This would also show how much of an unfaithful guy he could be .

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How can you make a girl not love someone?

The simple truth is that you cant control who someone wants to loves or not.

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you?

The truth is, you can never know. He may give you clues that convince you that he cares about you, or that you are important to him. You can trust him when he tells you that he loves you. But, you can never know.

Do your boyfriend loves you?

ask him dont be afraid tell him to tell you the truth or else your going to break up with him

When the girl need some time to think weather she love or hate?

1)when she is disappointed in her boyfriend who loves her so much and she loves him very much too 2)when she is confused which side is the truth

How do you tell your boyfriend that you lied about having your license?

Tell him the truth. If he loves you, he will forgive you. If he doesnt forgive you, he is a bad bf and you should break up.

How can you prove you to your boyfriend that you aren't cheating?

You can't prove that you aren't doing something. Someone who is a real boyfriend and a real friend will hear you speaking the truth and will believe you. Someone who is hateful, evil, controlling, and can never be your friend will hear the truth and turn it into a lie. Life is too short to stay with someone who does not really love you and does not believe you when you are true.

My boyfriend says he loves me but his actions only sometimes agree with that so how do I know if he is telling the truth?

you know when he gives you the warmest hugs and looks deep in your eyes and tell's you he loves you. Also when he says it in front of his friends & family

What is someone called who disagrees with the truth?

Someone who is a retard to the truth.

How would you know if your boyfriend loves you?

you know your boyfriend loves you when he not only tells you but shows it when he puts you above shows you appreciation and respects you as well as to when he doesn't ask you to change tells you the truth it easily shows by his actions towards you when he cares for you many qualities and you'll know when your boyfriend actually really does love you because you'll feel his love without having to ask any types of questions.

How do you tell when your boyfriend isn't telling the truth?

if he realy likes you then he tells the truth

Does the love meter game tell the truth about who loves who?

no only the heart of the lovers can tell, if you love someone you say i do if you don't then you say no no no. xx with love me

What is a truth monger?

someone who spreads the truth

How can you tell if your boyfriend who lives far away from you is cheating on you?

There is no way for sure that you will ever know if your boyfriend is cheating or not. You either trust someone or you don't. Even if you asked him he may not tell the truth or, he may well be loyal to you.

You got asked out by your friend and you have a boyfriend what do you do?

tell your friend the truth, or if you like your friend more than your boyfriend...dump your boyfriend!

How do you get a Boyfriend in Animal Crossing?

Truth is, you can't get a boyfriend. All the people in your town are supposed to be residents, so none of them can be your boyfriend.

Do you denigrate someone by telling the truth about him?

No. Just as it is not possible to slander or libel someone with the truth.

How do you know if my boyfriend is not lying to me?

You just have to find out the truth

You were told she has a boyfriend by someone should you ask her for your benefits incase its lies?

If you're considering asking her out, it would be a good idea to get the truth from her first. You could just say, "I wanted to ask you out, but I've heard that you have a boyfriend. Is that true?"

What does it mean if you mention a guy in front of someone you like and they ask if it's your boyfriend?

You tell him the truth! If he is, then why are you still "liking" other guys? Lying leads to cheating.

How do you know your boyfriend always tells the truth?

i would ask him another time and see if he tells you the same thing or just ask someone else x

Does eve Torres have a boyfriend?

Eve my be dating R-truth

What do you do when your a girl with a boyfriend but like his best friend?

Well obviously you are not that into your boyfriend so don't pretend and tell him the truth.

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