I have been deciding on whether to become a Personal Trainer or a Dietician any suggestions?

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It deppends in which of boths are you best on, food and body reactions, or muscles and weight. But you can be both somehow. Good luck
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How long does it take to become a personal trainer?

Answer . Local college and university institutions may offer Physical Education, Human Kinetics, Kinesiology, and Human Movement Science programs. These are 3 to 4-year pro

How do you become a personal trainer?

Many technical and community colleges offer certification classes for aspiring personal trainers. Once you have graduated and obtained your certification, you may be required

Can you become a personal trainer in university?

Yeah it's possible, I currently attend the UNiversity of Tampa in FL and they have I believe 2 personal trainers on staff at their workout facilities there, and they also have

How do you decide which personal trainer is right for you or how to choose one?

Deciding which personal trainer to hire is like choosing a doctor or investment broker . Your decision should not be based on price, popularity or appearance alone. The savour

What do you need to study to become a dietician?

It is best to earn a bachelor's degree in dietetics, food andnutrition, biology, chemistry, or any similar science or nutritionfield. If you plan to become a registered dietic

HOw to become a personal trainer?

This will require an understanding of how muscles and other parts of your body work. Start by going to your local college and signing up for courses which will help you obtain
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What is the benefits to become a personal trainer?

If you yourself are into all types of physical fitness and you like to help other people achieve their health and fitness goals, then there is no other occupation for you. The
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How can one become a personal trainer?

One can become a personal trainer by getting certified. One can get such certification from the 'National Commission of Certifying Agencies'. There are other associations that
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Can anyone suggest best Personal Basketball trainer in US?

Brandon Pierce - Brandon Pierce began playing basketball at anearly age growing up in Lake Charles, LA. He spent many hours onhis home driveway working to become the best bask
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How do you become certified as a personal trainer?

I took classes, but ultimately I did a ton of studying and took theACE CPT. It's a pretty difficult test, but if you know your stuffit's doable. There are plenty of Certificat