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First off, ALL PS1 discs are black, and second, yes, you can, its all the same game, just a slightly different cover.

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Will the black label disc work with final fantasy 7 greatest hits disc 2 and 3?

Yes. All the discs are interchangeable.

Does final fantasy 7 black label only have 2 disk?

No it has three

What is the rarest PS1 game in the world?

Final Fantasy 7 Black Label Misprint

What is the misprint on the back of final fantasy 7 black label?

Warning: May sustain celibacy.

Does final fantasy 7 greatest hits have better graphics then the black label?

No, they are exactly the same. A Greatest Hits label does nothing and has nothing different than the regular labels except that they are green. It is like showing off that games award. Signed, Phoenix

What is the difference in the Black label final fantasy VII versus the greatest hits version?

The left side of the Black Label case will be black while the Greatest Hits one will have green. The Black Label disks are white on the top with a light blue designs. The Greatest Hits are silver disks.The Black Label playstation games are the original versions of a game. Game play is no different from Greatest Hits labels, but the Black Labels are worth more, simply because they're original. Heres a link on how to tell the difference: more: What_is_the_difference_in_the_Black_label_final_fantasy_VII_versus_the_greatest_hits_versionThat is not entirely correct. The game play should be exactly the same for both. The reason that the original is worth more is not because it is the original, it is because the original has a misprint on the back cover. I don't have my copy with me nor do I remember which word is incorrect but one letter in a word is superimposed on another and is misaligned. Last I checked an unopened, still plastic wrapped, copy of the game goes for something like $300.The word that is misprinted is "Masterpiece" The "i" is out of place.

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yes it is way better because i have a ultra pro and a black label and the wheels are better on the black label but the ultra pro is welded to the deck the black label is bolted but that doesnt matter black label is better and change your grips right away

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Who makes black label beer?


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