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you need 4 or 3 friends go to mysterie gift and push "receive gift" and then "wireless" do you and your friends and then wait. that's the way how they have explaint me

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How do you get the mystery gift on Pokemon HeartGold?

The mystery gift option is already at your disposal. Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, you already have the mystery gift option. Before accessing your save file, just scroll down to the mystery gift option.

What does it mean when you try to receive a gift on option 3 on the mystery gift on Pokemon diamond?

It means to connect to the Internet to receive the gift.

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

Where do you get the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get darkrie in Pokemon diamond?

mystery gift

Mistury gift in Pokemon peral and diamond?

You get the mystery gift from Pokemon ranger games.

How do you get the Mysetery Gift in Pokemon Diamond through Get From A Friend?

The only way to get a Mystery Gift from a friend is if they have a Mystery Gift Wonder Card that is sharable. If they do they'll be able to select that when viewing it and then you'll be able to receive it from the "Get From A Friend" option under Mystery Gift.

How do you get to islands 8 9 on Pokemon leaf green version?

use the mystery gift option use the mystery gift option

Is the azure flute the mystery gift on Pokemon diamond?


Is the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond free?


How do you get mew in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay and mystery gift?

It is not possible to get Mew in Pokemon Diamond without using Action Replay and Mystery Gift. Mew is an event legendary Pokemon and can only be obtained through Mystery Gift or cheating.

When are some mystery gift event's for soul silver?

you only can get a mystery gift on Pokemon diamond and pearl

Where do you get mystery gift?

The mystery gift option is already available in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Before starting your save file, there is a menu option that says 'Mystery Gift'. It is already built into the game.

How you can find the member dard in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get wonder cards if you have the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?


What day they give out mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

your birthday

How do you get the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond to get arcius?

by a Nintendo event

Do you get the wonder gift in Pokemon Diamond?

You mean Mystery Gift. You need to have another friend with a DS and Diamond and the gift is a Manaphy Egg (Pokemon Ranger). Or, Action Replay.

What mystery gifts are avalible on Pokemon Diamond And platinum right now?

Mystery Gift: MANAPHY Egg ---- Mystery Gift: Azure Flute ---- Mystery Gift: Member Card ---- Mystery Gift: Oak's Letter ----

Where are the rare Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Mainly the Pokemon from Diamond except Palkia instead of Dialga. If you don't have Diamond, in pearl you can get Cresselia, Darkrai (mystery gift) Shaymin (mystery gift) Palkia Arceus ( mystery gift) Manaphy (special event) and other ones I don't remember

What does the Mystery Gift do in Pokemon Diamond?

It allows you to get legendary Pokemon and items to get legendary Pokemon. I have a manaphy because of mystery gift. there will be a darkrai and areceus mystery gift at toys r us and at game stop. i missed the deoxys mystery gift. it was on June 29th. I hope that helped!

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl What is the point of the mystery gift?

The "Wireless" option is used for real life Nintendo Events and the "Nintendo WFC" option is for Wi-Fi Nintendo events.

How do you get giga Dialga on Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon battle rev transfer from mystery gift

How do you receive mystery gift from a friend in Pokemon Diamond?

keep tradin Pokemon on wifi

How do you receive the Mystery Gift for Pokemon Diamond?

You get it by going to a Nintendo Event.

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