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The case, that you asked for, has been completed and resolved.

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2009-02-24 04:35:46
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Q: I have just been discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy what does that mean?
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Can you get a rental lease for an apartment after the chapter 7 is discharged?

Sure. Just find an apartment that will allow a tenant with a discharged bankruptcy.

If a chapter 7 bankruptcy has not been discharged is it a law stating a lender cannot offer you a home mortgage or would they just be crazy to do so?

Ch7 Bk must be discharged prior to acquiring a mortgage.

Will a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge a car accident judgment?

If the accident was not caused by drug or alcohol or deliberately, the judgment can be discharged in bankruptcy. You cannot file just for the judgment. ALL creditors must be listed, and you might have to do a chapter 13.

If you have already filed bankruptcy but have not been to your hearing yet can you add a medical bill that has just happened to the bankruptcy?

No, only pre-petition debts may be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Do you still owe if chapter 7 discharged second mortgage?

If it was discharged, then you don't owe it anymore. However, you can't just assume that any particular debt was discharged by the bankruptcy, it has to be specifically listed. In particular, you probably cannot keep your house AND get your second mortgage discharged.

What does discharge of bankruptcy mean?

I Have just been discharged from bankruptcy, does this legally mean that my possisions can not be touched and I am not liable anymore for the debt. I wont to know if my house is now safe ?

What does Discharge Bankruptcy mean?

I Have just been discharged from bankruptcy, does this legally mean that my possisions can not be touched and I am not liable anymore for the debt. I wont to know if my house is now safe ?

A bankruptcy can not be wiped off your credit report until after 10 years but if the accounts on your credit report which were discharged in the bankruptcy can these be taken off?

The debts which were wiped out in bankruptcy still stay on your credit report, but they should be listed as "Discharged in bankruptcy." They will still stay on your credit for 7 years (they don't get extended to 10 years like the Chapter 7 just because they were discharged in bankruptcy). Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person.

What happens to an incomplete bankruptcy filing if the filer dies before its completion?

The filer has to be in person for the 341 meeting so the bankruptcy would be dismissed. A bankruptcy may still be discharged if they are just waiting on the judge to discharge the bankruptcy.

Can judgments be discharged in bankruptcy?

Perhaps, many judgments can be discharged in bankruptcy. The ones which are allowable are determined by state and/or federal laws, depending on the type of bankruptcy chosen. Understanding that if it gets removed it is because it was included and settled/discharged as part of the BK, generally by using the asset it is secured to, or other isn't just file BK and the lien/debt goes away.

Can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and still keep your house?

yes, just keep your house exempt from the bankruptcy

How long does a discharged Bankruptcy stay on your record if you filed in 2003 in California?

Unfortunately, filing for bankruptcy has a major negative effect on your credit, which as you probably already know can effect a lot of your future money issues. Bankruptcy, whether chapter 7 or chapter 13 stays on your credit report for at least 7-10 years after filing and just because it is off does not mean that your score will automatically increase-that is something you have to work for!

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