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I'd be more suspicious of the fuel pump relay, but I don't know where either are on that vehicle.


I agree with the above post. Also check the fuse.

I had the same problem.

The relay is in the panel under a cover behind the battery (look under cover of panel for diagram showing which relay is for the fuel pump). There are several relays and there should be part numbers on them. I noticed that the air conditioner relay is the same as the fuel pump relay and used it to see if the fuel pump relay was bad (it worked with the A/C relay!)

I went to a*tozone and bought one for $9.99.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-10 00:17:24
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Q: I have no power going to the fuel pump on a 96 jeep Cherokee 4.0 L however if i were to hot wire the fuel pump pump runs and engine starts DO YOU KNOW WERE THE BALLAS RESISTOR IS LOCATED?
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