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Either your asking will you still get cramps or are you pregnant the answer will still be yes.

Because you will always get cramps except when your pregnant you'll get contractions which are kinda similar....................... and you probably had an abnormal period meaning you just didn't show and that means you will still cramp which mean you'll cramp regardless pregnant or period.

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You probably aren't pregnant. Wait another 2 weeks and if you still haven't got a period, take a test

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It sound like you need to see a doctor either, A because you are pregnant or B if you are not there is something that needs to be looked at.

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Q: I have taken 3 tests all negative and I'm 4 weeks late on my period and have cramps in my sides?
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Have not had a period in 2 months and taken 3 prgnancy test all negative?

have not had period in 2 month and l taken 4 pregnancy test all negative? am so worry .

What does it mean if I am feeling sick at certain parts of the day having period cramps but no period and negative pregnancy test?

I'm 2 weeks late and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and a blood test all came back negative. I have all the symptoms missed period, sore breats, and morning sickness. Could a blood pregnancy test be wrong? or could I have had a miscarriege?

Can dysmenorrhea be prevented?

Avoidance of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar prior to onset of period and NSAIDs taken a day before the period begins should eliminate cramps for some women.

What are birth control pills for?

to prevent pregnancy if taken correctly, also it can be used to ease the pain of cramps...makes the period lighter too :)

I am two months late on your period but you took 2 pregnancy tests and it was negative could you still be pregnant?

I am two months late and i have taken a test sometimes twice a week and they say negative. what is going on?

Ok I'm on losertin 24 and i missed my period the month i was taken antioba for a uti infection i took two over the counter preg test but they said negative what should i do is this normal?

If you are on Loesterin 24 and you missed your period the month you were taking antibiotics for a UTI infection, you may just be late. If you have taken pregnancy tests and they are negative, you should see a doctor.

Can you be pregnant after getting a negative pregnancy test and having your period only 2 days late because plan B was taken as well?


How accurate is a sure sign pregnancy test?

About 98% accurate if positive, less accurate if negative as there are more things that can give you a false negative. The test can be taken too soon after conception, wait until a missed period if you can, taken at the wriong time of day, a morning urine is best, or taken after drinking to much so the hormone is too diluted.

Your two weeks late for your period been thinking your pregnant for awhile now taken several tests all negative but have a yeast infection could that be causing the negative results?

BESIDES going to go see a doctor.

Can you have bloating and cramps like your about to have your period in early pregency im 3 days late n took a test last month n came out neg?

Bleeding and cramping like you are about to start your period can signal early pregnancy. If you have not taken a test in the last week, take one.

I had my period on the 9th of last month. When i ovulated I had sex. This month I havent had my period and it is the 15th. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and they were both negative.?

Wait another couple of days and take the test with the first pee in the morning.

I have not had a period in two months and taken four pregnancy tests and they all say negative?

Best to seek one-to-one advice from a doctor if your body is showing conflicting signals.