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What is the kingdom phylum class family genus species of a tortoise?

More than one species of tortoise exist, however the usage of the word 'tortoise' is not widely agreed upon. Recently, the word 'tortoise' has been re-applied by biologists to mean only species which are entirely terrestrial (such as the Galapagous tortoise).For the Galapagos tortoise:Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:ReptiliaOrder:TestudinesSuborder:CryptodiraFamily:TestudinidaeGenus:ChelonoidisSpecies:C. nigra

What is the application of public protected and private keywords?

The public, protected, and private keywords are access modifiers that specify if the item they modify can be accessed inside or outside the class or a derived class.A public item is fully accessible, inside or outside the class, including inside a derived class.A protected item is accessible only inside the class or inside a derived class.A private item is accessible only inside the class.

Interface can be defined inside another class?

yes ,interface can be defined inside another class

What are the release dates for Everyday Italian - 2004 Kids' Cooking Class?

Everyday Italian - 2004 Kids' Cooking Class was released on: USA: 2006

How do you use cooperate in a sentence?

You Should Cooperate In Class Everyday.

Can a class write inside an interface?

Yes, you can create a static class inside an interface, but it is normally not a good idea.

What are the release dates for Everyday Lies - 2013 A Class Act - 1.7?

Everyday Lies - 2013 A Class Act - 1.7 was released on: USA: 29 April 2013

When the member function is declared outside the class how is it associated with the class?

Not possible, declare it inside the class.

Should students have gym class everyday?

Yes, fights obesity

What are the release dates for Everyday Lies - 2013 A Class Act 1-7?

Everyday Lies - 2013 A Class Act 1-7 was released on: USA: 29 April 2013

What animals belongs to reptilia?

Snakes , lizards , chameleons , iguana , crocodiles, turtles , tortoise and Dinosaurs belong to class Reptilia .

Is a fork a first class lever?

Yes a fork is a first class lever because most people use it everyday.

What are the release dates for Inside the Master Class - 2011?

Inside the Master Class - 2011 was released on: USA: 9 August 2011 (internet)

How do you get cell phone?

beg your mum or dad everyday say everyone in my class has one

How do you crash a college class?

If you mean crash as in destroy things inside the class, then that is vandalism, which is illegal.

What is the liability class code for marble or stone work inside?

The correct class code is 49482

Can you access a default member from inside a Sub class?


What is Scope of variable?

The Scope of a variable defines the areas of a program where this variable would be visible and can be used. For ex: a. Method variables - are visible only inside the method where they are declared and hence their scope is only the method b. Class variables - are visible inside the class and can be used by any method inside the class and hence their scope is the whole class.

What ananomus classes in java?

An Anonymous class in Java is one that does not have a name. It is usually created inside a class

How many working class Americans were out of work by 1932?

12,000 people lost their job everyday!

How do you say we come to class everyday in spanish?

Venimos a la clase todos los días

Do you have to wear makeup for ballet?

For everyday class you do not have to, unless you wear it normally everyday. For performances and even dress and tech rehearsals (depending on your teacher/ director) you have to wear stage makeup.

What was the Grand Staircase inside the Titanic for?

first class enterance.

What do you mean by member function?

When you declare a class and define a function inside the class, that function is called a member function.

What are tangible and intangible of total quality management?

wheather or not an a class or b class cucumber can fit inside your anus