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If you see water on start up, and it goes away this in only humidity in the exhaust system. There is no danger. If on the other hand, you continue to have water or white smoke all the time, have a pressure check on the radiator to check for leaks or blown gaskets.

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Q: I have water running out the tailpipe of my jeep?
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Why would a 2002 jeep wrangler leak water from the tailpipe when started up 1st thing in the morning but no other times?

Water is a normal part of vehicle emissions. When you start your vehicle in the morning the exhaust system is cool, so water will drip out of the tailpipe. Once the engine has run for awhile, it gets hot so the water comes out as steam, which is less noticeable.

What would cause gasoline to drip out of the tailpipe when a 16 valve 4 cylinder Geo Tracker's engine is running?

If it's running, then it couldn't be raw gas. You are seeing water dripping from the accumulation of the water vapor. Absolutely normal.

What does white tailpipe smoke mean?


Will running a carburetor too rich cause white smoke from tailpipe?


What causes the tailpipe to release white smoke?


1994 jeep grand Cherokee keep over heating when running?

I just changed a water pump in my '98 jeep that had all the blades rusted off !!! It was "slicing" the water, instead of pumping it.

What makes water come out of the tailpipe of your car?

your moms vag juices not water

Why would your car leak water from the tailpipe when its on?

Water is a by product of the combustion and is normal.

Can you get water from tailpipe cos the car as been stood idle for a while?

water in the tailpipe is normal. if you are trying to get a bunch out, just drive quickly up a steep hill.

Blowing black smoke out of tailpipe?

Assuming this is a gasoline engine, it is running rich from excess gasoline.

Water from tailpipe?

It's just condensation. Don't worry about it.

What causes water to come out of the tailpipe?

You have a blown head gasket.

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