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It depends. If it is your first period, it will either be very heavy, or very light. Your first period is normally brown, because the blood is old. This can also happen after pregnancy. I recomend wearing panty liners, and if your are very worried, go to the doctor and tell him/her about it. :)

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2010-07-16 22:39:54
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Q: I have what i think is my period but the blood is brown not red and its so light i dont need a tampon or pad and it doesnt even show up on my pants?
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Brown spots on tampon?

If you remove a tampon and it has brown spots then it is likely old blood, normal when your period is light as it takes time for the blood to leave your body and it goes brown. If your period is light then you should not be using tampons at all, only use tampons with full flow. If the tampon has brown spots before insertion then throw it out and check other tampons before using them.

Brown red blood before period?

Brown red blood 2weeks before period

Is it normal if you just got your period and it is brown but the blood on the tampon is a blackish red?

Yes, this is normal. Dark blood is "dead blood" and red of course is fresh blood. When a woman is stressed out for any reason the muscles tighted and the lining that is coming out is brown (sometimes stringy) and the fresh blood is your normal period. Also starting birth control pills/patches can cause this. Nothing to worry about.

Dark brown period blood what does it mean?

Dark brown period blood usually appears near the end of your period.

What causes brownish colored blood but a very light period?

Period blood can be dark brown, light brown, dark red or red. Sometimes your period is brown if it is a light period. Sometimes your period can be brown near the end of your period.

What if you have brown blood but your not on your period?

that means you are on your period x

Why is your period blood brown?

its just old period

Can you get pregnant if you had red and brown coming out from your period?

Yes, it is normal for a period to have different shades of blood. The brown is blood dried blood and the red is new.

Is it bad to have brown period blood?

yes it is i had light brown blood and i was just find .

What does having brown blood on your period mean?

blood turns brown over time. having brown blood just means it is older blood.

Why is your period brown through the who cycle?

The blood can be reddish-brown to brown. Brown blood just means it's old, not fresh.

Is it bad to have light brown period blood?

yes it is i had light brown blood and i was just find .

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