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This could be a yeast infection. If it itches and thick and white it most likely is a yeast infection. Go to the doctor.


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Hiya, I am 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing this its weird!!

Yes all it takes to get you pregnant is one sperm, that gets into your vagina and sperm are fast swimmers.

If the sperm has reached the egg that is coming from your ovaries will be pregnant no matter how hard you wash the sperm off. Your egg is not in your reach when it's stuck to your vagina.

You may or may not be pregnant but, either way, it has nothing to do with white gooey stuff coming out of your vagina, which sounds more like a discharge from a yeast or bacterial infection. This would be a good time to see a doctor and learn about this.

Depending how high on the leg, and the proximity to the vagina, the semen was ejaculated, but the chances of becoming pregnant under those circumstances, are sliim to none. If the condom slipped off the penis while still inside the vagina, that is a different story. Are you absolutely sure that didnt happen? The only sure way to know is to wait until you either missed or gotten your period. Yes, because some sperm could have gotten inside of you. Yes if it is on the top of the thighs close to the vagina then u can get pregnant

Women have gotten pregnant from sperm directly (or indirectly, ie though a medium such as water) having contact with the opening of the vagina or surrounding area. It's less likely, but possible.

There is no other way for a mammal to get pregnant, besides the vagina.

probably not... unless the come has soaked through the cloth and it may have gotten into your vagina

You can get pregnant if sperm is in or around the vagina. They will move to get home.

Yes, you can get pregnant even if your vagina is dry.

You should really ask your parents. Basically you have sex with a boy which is when his penis is inserted into your vagina. Only sometimes you will get pregnant and you have to have gotten your period and gone through puberty before you can get pregnant.

Nope, only boys can get girls pregnant

Yes. The possibility most certainly exists (although pregnancy could occur, not directly from the condom coming off, but from the semen that could be left inside the vagina after the condom came off).

No. Sperm inside the vagina will make her pregnant.

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

No, you can only get pregnant if a guy pre-cums or cums inside of your vagina.

If the guy on the 26th was wearing a condom, it is most likely not him. If he wasn't wearing a condom, he could have gotten you pregnant. Pre-cum (the clear stuff that comes out before ejaculation) can have traces of sperm in it, and that can make you pregnant. The guy that ejaculated outside the vagina: On those days the conditions were just right that the semen could have traveled into the vagina, and gotten you pregnant.

This question isn't very clear. If you mean sperm was put into your vagina manually then pregnancy will not result from this as sperm dies shortly after coming into contact with air. If you mean you had intercourse then you can become pregnant if your partner ejaculated or inserted his penis into the vagina(preejaculation.)

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