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check to see if anything is stopping the windows from going up. i would try having the top and windows up them lower the top to see if it's possible. i have known people who when they put the top down had to have the rear windows down also. this was on a mustang though. otherwise i would call a dealership and check with them to see if they have any answer. hope this helps.

Perhaps I wasn't clear in asking the question origionally, The rear windows go up and down just fine, when the roof is opened and closed, but there appear to be no controls to operate the windows seperately and hence I was wondering if there was any easy way to access the motors for the windows to allow me to add controls so they could be operated seperately, though it appears that there is not space for the window to open while the roof is closed.

Both back side windows are geared to the convertible top mechanism. When you let the top down the windows go down with it. When you put the top up the the windows go up. There is now way to operate them seperately from the top. Anyway you look like you are riding around in a fish bowl with the side windows up on a convertible. Let the windows all down with the top and get the full convertible experience.

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Q: I just got a 2000 Cavalier convertible and was wondering if there is any way to close the rear windows with the top down to minimize wind in the backseat?
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