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I had a 1997 Ford Contour that did the exact same thing.It turned out to be 2 different sensors. It cost about $550 to get them fixed.

2006-08-04 14:54:16
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Why does a 1999 4Runner SR5 4WD stop idiling after it gets hot?

Stop idiling? Do you mean surge? It's likely to be either the Mass air flow sensor or one of the O2 sensors.

Why does a 2005 Ford Expedition smell when idiling?

Need more info. What kind of smell are you smelling?

Engine light on want to stall when idiling?

Probably a senor: MAP, MAF, IAC, pr TPS

Does idiling affect gas mileage?

Some, but not dramatically unless you are idling for an extended period, say an hour or more.

Why wont your 84 Nissan 200sx stay idiling it was running fine then all of a sudden it just wanted to die out i got home started it up n now it doesnt want to stay idiling?

out of gas or stopped up gas filter OR it just needs a good tune up

1995 Mitsubishi eclipse gsx revs at high rpms when idiling?

vaccum leak somewhere. or a boost leak Spyda

Why is your 2007 Saturn ion shaking while idiling?

my 2005 ion shakes while idling.. has done this ever since i got it in 2005

I am having idiling problems with my 1989 GMC truck what could be the problem?

check for vacuam leaks if non found replace iac valve

You cleaned your carburetor now your bike revs hard?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Hard" but if it's reving high adjust your idiling screw.

Is idiling a semi truck more fuel efficient than turning it off and on before and after deliveries?

No. Recent advance in technology do not require idling of a semi.

What is the top speed of a kawasaki 250 on off road bike?

I have a 2005 Kawazaki Ninja 250 my personal best 85mph. Idiling about 11000 prm

Why does the temp gauge go up while idiling?

It shouldn't be doing that ... an electric fan should be kicking in to help cool the water circulating through the radiator.

Why does your 2000 Sunfire over heat when idiling?

Check if there is coolant and if fan is on, if not: Possible stuck thermostat Possible missing fan shroud Possible bad water pump

Humming noise in the frt of 94 Geo tracker louder on turns?

Check the turn signal fluid with the engine idiling on level ground and the radio turned up all the way.

Should both electric cooling fans on a 94 Camry come on when the car is idiling?

It is possible that both cooling fans coming on when the car is idling is normal. The fans are supposed to come on in response to the heat of the engine. So, if the car was idling for a long time, both fans may kick on and there are other conditions which would explain it as well. If it seems that the car is overheating however, you should have it checked out.

Why does your 03 Elantra want to stall when idiling in drive?

My girlfriend had this problem with her Elantra. When she took it to the dealer, it ended up being spark plug wires and plugs. I was amazed that something so simple could have caused us such a headache!

91 camaro rs it shuts off at random going down the road At initial start up it takes 4 or 5 times to get it to run?

Try the idiling positioner or run it for about five minutes or the converter is stopping up.

2000 Ford F-250 v10 acts like it's going to die while in neatural or idiling what could be wrong?

Check to see if your truck come's undre the cam sensor recall this will cause truck to stall.

What can cause the ol light to come on when idiling on a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.4 liter?

The oil pressure is too low. It can be dirty oil filter, not enough oil in the engine and failing oil pump. I would start with engine oil level.

Why does your air conditioner loses cool air when idiling?

Check for debris outside the condenser restricting air flow. Check for missing or damaged radiator shroud, Check for faulty cooling fan or fan clutch, Check system for proper high and low pressures.

Why does the dummy oil light flash on my 76 El Camino when idiling what is the cause?

It's supposed to mean your oil pressure is too low, but it could also mean a sensor is faulty, or perhaps the idle is too low, or maybe there is excess clearance in the main and/or rod bearings.

Why would your car be making clanky noise while idiling?

If i am correct, this is the alternator.In police vehicles, such as the P71 Ford Crown Victoria, the noise is much louder and happens more often when idling due to the higher end alternator in place. A quick search on Google for "Alternator Noise" will head an answer....

One driving technique that could increase your fuel economy is to?

The biggest technique to increase fuel economy is dependent on where you drive. If you live in a city, avoid unnecessary idiling. If you live in the country, then use the cruise control as much as possible to keep the speed consistent.

How long is are you banned for for idiling in halo reach?

around 24 hours (1 day) if it's temporarily(example: have two accounts signed in at once and one of them stands still the whole game)my 3 year old son got me banned twice nowI don't know if you can get permanently banned or not

What would cause a car that is cold and idiling to have a strong exhaust smell and no steam but when put in gear and the smell goes away but the exhaust has steam coming out?

A device called the heat riser has stuck or the heat riser hose has fallen off. could this loose part cause a metal raddling when you start to excelerate?