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Your computer must have a network to access if you are going be able to get on the internet. Internet Service Providers can set you up with an account that will allow you to login at 'hotspots's, such as the coffee shop. IF you want to have access at home, you will have to set up an internet account, and then buy a wireless modem or router to allow you to connect to the internet.

2006-07-20 05:47:07
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Q: I just purchased a laptop with a build in wireless card do you need to purchase a high speed internet access?
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What are the names of wireless Internet providers?

Go to this site and enter your phone number to find out what ISP serve your area: Once you have arranged for Internet access, you can purchase a wireless router for your home.

What is the difference between wireless router and wireless access point?

A wireless router is a device used to access the Internet wirelessly. An access point is a wireless Internet connection that comes from a router.

Can i get internet access with an wireless router anywhere?

how far are you able to access your wireless

Where can someone purchase dial up internet access?

Dial up internet access can be subscribed to by an internet service provider. It is less common today since wireless and high speed access has become more available and cheaper.

What is a wireless access point?

A wireless access point is the point where an electronic device connects to the wireless internet or wifi. It could be a connection from an internet service provider

Is wireless and / or remote internet access standard with the T1600?

Yes, this Notebook has wireless access to the internet through other media devices such as a wireless router or modem.

How can a person be able to access the internet anywhere on their pc?

A wireless internet card available from most wireless phone companies allows a user to access the internet anywhere a wireless signal is available.

Do you have to have a PC to get on the internet on a PS3?

yes you do or it will say eorr all the time you try (not true) You don't have to have a PC for the slim PS3 to get on the internet, but you do need internet access. Most people do not have internet access unless they have a PC already. Some people live close enough to free wireless access than they can log into the wireless connection that is near them. You may even have a neighbor who has wireless and will let you use there access. In any case you can purchase internet access without purchasing a PC if you choose to do so.

How do you hook your PS3 to the internet?

First you must already have the ability to access the internet. Most people find they have to purchase a router to enable the internet access to go to an additional device. The router must be wireless if you want to make a WiFi connection with you PS3. The wireless router also allows for a wired connectionOnce you have access to an internet connection and have decided to have the better wired connection. Purchase a Cat 5e or Cat 6 ethernet cable long enough to travel from the back of the PS3 to the internet router and connect the cable. Go to network settings on your PS3 and set up your connection for wired or wireless whatever you have decided and based on the equipment you have or have purchased. There will be no additional monthly charges for the PS3 to use the internet.

How are wireless access points created?

Wireless access points are created by installing wireless routers. These routers are providing the opportunity for other devices to get wireless access to a network and or internet.

Do you need wireless Internet for Internet on your psp?

Well, yes and no. A wireless router is often the easiest solution for wireless internet but in this case it isn't necessary. You can alternately use a USB wi-fi access point, ones specific to the DS and PSP can be purchased at most video game sellers. These access points bridge with your wired internet connection on your computer allowing you to wirelessly connect that way.

Do you need a wireless router or a wireless access point device?

That depends on what you are attempting to do. If you are trying to access the internet, then no, a wireless router is not needed.

Can you get access to the internet with a wireless adapter?

Of course, you can. You have to have a wireless router connected to a modem or directly to internet channel.

What is a wireless internet router?

Did you mean "What is a wireless router?" A wireless router is a device that allows devices such as your computer to communicate and access the internet.

I have a wireless router, what else do i need to get wireless internet?

You need a computer to access the internet. You need a modem, and a wireless card in your computer.

What the most popular wireless Internet access technology today?

describe the most popular wireless Internet access technology today. compare and contrast.

Wifi ready laptop and you cant access the internet?

WiFi ready just means you have a wireless card you need an internet connected wireless network available to access the internet.

Can the ps3 since the comcast is wired internet do you have do you have to connect PS3 with the Ethernet cable to the comcast modem or you can get wirelees internet for the PS3?

You have to have a router to connect more than 1 item with Comcast Internet unless you also got the wireless router from Comcast. You can either go out and purchase a router either wireless, both, or Ethernet. I purchased a wireless router and then decided I liked the wired system better and purchased an Ethernet cable to hook up the PlayStation 3 because I saw that the router also had 4 Ethernet plugs in back. So you still need to purchase a router even though you have Internet access with Comcast.

Is there a way to get wireless internet access in places where there's no cell reception or wi-fi hotspots?

Yes, to get wireless internet access in a place with no cell reception or wi-fi hotspots one would have to attach a wireless router to their existing internet access. This can be done with DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic internet access.

What does WLAN mean?

It actually means this. wireless internet access, wireless lan.

What is a wireless access card?

some thing that you plug into you labtop to get wireless internet

Can I use the XBox 360 on my home's wireless network?

In order to use your Xbox 360 with your homes wireless network you would first need to purchase the Xbox wireless internet adapter as it cannot access wireless signals without it.

What kind of equipment is needed to access wireless Internet?

To access a wireless internet, whether via a DSL connection or with a cable modem, a wireless router is needed. In most cases, one wireless router is sufficient to create a wireless network for a home.

How much is the internet for a ipod touch?

It is just like any other wap (wireless access point)....wherever there is wifi for free your internet is free. Works just like a wireless pc/mac. If you have a wireless router at home you're good to go and have instant access to the internet. Same if you stay somewhere they have free wireless internet access and wifi.

How does wireless internet works?

Your computer has a built-in wireless adapter. That will be used to connect to the internet wirelessly. The adapter will connect to an access-point, a device called a "wireless router." It works by exchanging data back and forth and communicating with the wireless router. This is how your computer access the internet.