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Sure i can help! you have air in the Power Steering line or system.

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What is the cause of a humming noise when turning the steering wheel of a ford windstar?

Check and see if your power steering fluid level is low.

What happens if you pluck a string hard?

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How loud can vuvuzela get?

A vuvuzela makes a noise of 127 decibels, louder than a chainsaw.

Your Windstar makes a loud screeching noise when you turn the wheels just a little?

The cause of a loud screeching noise when a person turns the wheels a little, could be due to the lack of power steering fluid. It could also be due to worn belts.

What makes a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel?

A defective CV joint will make a grinding noise when you turn the steering will. A bad strut can also cause a grinding noise.

Why does hitting a drum harder make a louder sound?

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Why are diesel trains louder than electric trains?

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Why does your power steering make a noise when you turn sharp?

Could be your steering fluid is low? My 1982 GMC pickup truck makes a noise when my steering wheel fluid gets low.

When turning steering wheel car makes a groaning noise?

mine needed power steering fluid

What does it mean when your steering wheels makes noise when turning?

the car may be low on power steering fluid

What makes a growling noise and vibrates the car the faster the car goes the louder the noise?

Check under your car... you may have lost a muffler.

What can be done to reduce the noise coming from the steering column of a 1995 Ford Windstar when turning?

i have heard that noise and I believe it is coming from the body frame connection and i also heard that u can get a kit to eliminate the noise. Ed

Why does the steering wheel tighten up when turning right or left and also make noise on a 2001 Ford Windstar?

Might be due to low/no fluid level in the power steering reservoir.

1997 ford windstar lx 3.8L does anyone have a power steering diagram?

I dont know what you mean by power steering diagram, but the windstar my grandparents own, which they have owned since 1998 (1997 Model) Makes a odd noise when turning, this has been happening since they got it, he has looked at it, and braught it it, nothing can be done with it without paying hundreds of dollars, so they left it, and no problems.

Your 2000 Pontiac grand am makes a noise when making a sharp left hand turn?

It could be low on power steering fluid. That is a common problem. It makes a sharp whining noise when you turn the steering wheel.

Why does my Ford Windstar make a grinding noise now I replaced the serpentine belt because it blew and now this noise has emerged it is not the power steering pump or alternator?

check your idler pulley and tesioner pulley

When you turn the steering wheel it makes noise on my Saturn vue?

If it is a whining noise, the vehicle is low on steering fluid or the power steering pump may be going bad. If it is a clicking noise, the CV joints may be going bad. NOPE a Saturn vue has electric power steering and no pawer steering pumpA Saturn vue has 4 stabilizer links and they are made of plastic Moog makes metal replacements for the front but the rear still come from the dealer and are plastic they wear out and make noise when you turn replace them and the noise should go away

There's a loud screaming noise under the hood mechanic said power steering but adding fluid did nothing and there never was a steering problem. It gets louder as RPMs increase. What can it be?

The power steering pump could be on it's way out.

MY 1998 ford windstar van has a gear-gear pump noise starting at slow speed what can cause the noise it does not change if you turn the steering wheel or put the car in neutral while rolling?

Most likely problem on those vans is still the power steering pump.

Mustang 2 power steering makes noise only in hot weather?

electric power steering pump noising on the hot wheather

What is the squeaking noise your steering wheel makes when you turn it to the left?

try checking fluid level

What is wrong with your car if it makes a humming noise and makes a grinding noise when you turn the wheel when you are not driving and a loud sound comes from the muffler?

as far as the humming noise and the grinding noise it sounds like your power steering pump is either out of fluid or gone bad completely. as for the muffler? ?MAYBE? the strain from the bad power steering pump is overworking the engine causing it to make noise? answer definetly a bad steering pump as for muffler, the sound can be transfred and magnified on a car, replace steering pump before bothering about the muffler sound may be gone

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How to tell when you need a new power steering pump?

Your steering wheel is hard to turn have to use both hands. It usually makes a noise when turning.