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I just replaced the wiper motor It works just fine without the wiper arm on the motor When you attach the wiper arm it will turn a couple of times and then quit Do I need to replace the wiper arm?


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January 25, 2009 9:20PM

I once had the same thing happen on my Valiant, and discovered that the spindles on the outside(to which the wipers attach)had leaked water and corroded, almost seizing them.I took them apart and used valve grinding paste to free them, and reassembled them using anti-seizeThey've been great ever since. I different take on a similar issue: on my 98 GMC Suburban the wipers would run a while, then stop, then later on they'd run again... all without stopping... but with squinting through the rain on the shield. With replacement junkyard motor in hand I disassembled the wiper arms and motor, replaced the motor... and still it wiped, then stopped. I had to correct the angle of the wiper mechanism linkages to correct the problem, then reinstalled the original motor. Wiper arm linkages can bend due top operation when frozen, or when Ice prevents full travel of the blade. Ised the guide slot on my table saw to help me bend the linkage arm back just right. No problem since.