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You can be. Repeat the the test in 2 days as HCG hormone double at every 48 hours...I would choose an early pregnancy test...Good luck!

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Positive or negative ground on 2007 Chrysler sebring?

Negative ground.

Is the 1999 Lincoln Continental positive ground or negative?

negative ground

Is a 1994 Chev truck have a positive or negative ground?

Negative ground.

Does a 2002 Oldsmobile have a positive or negative ground system?

The system is negative ground.

Is a 1947 Oldsmobile a positive or negative ground system?

it has a negative ground system.

Where does the ground wire go on a car battery?

Negative - (Black) is Ground, Positive + (Red) is Hot. Ground wire goes to Negative (Black) it goes from negative on battery to engine for ground.

Why does a blimp need to be moored when on the ground?

Otherwise it would drift away on the slightest breeze.

Is your 1996 suburban battery a positive or negative ground?

The Suburban has a negative ground system.

Is it negative to ground or positive to ground?

On most cars and trucks made in the last 60 years it is negative ground.On most cars and trucks made in the last 60 years it is negative ground.

Is the negative terminal the ground?

yes the negative terminal is the ground. also it is the black lead that goes to it

Where does the negative battery terminal go on the starter of a 1986 Monte Carlo?

The negative terminal does not go to the starter on a negative ground system. The negative terminal goes to ground.

What year did automakers switch from positive ground electrical systems to negative ground electrical systems?

Some never used positive ground and always had negative ground. The last year that I know where positive ground was used was in 1969 when Jaguar switched to negative.

Is a 1960 Ford Thunderbird a negative or positive ground and is it 6 volt or 12 volt?

The 1960 Thunderbird was 12 volt negative ground. The 1955 Thunderbird was 6 volt positive ground and 1956 and up was 12 volt negative ground.

Does terminal negative and ground same?

Normally they are used as if they were same but ground means that this connection is linked to earth, negative means that this connection is linked to a negative terminal. It is possible that someone has named the terminal incorrectly and named it ground instead of negative. Voltage between negative terminal and ground is normally 0, that means that they are on the same potential and that there is no danger of short-circuit.

What do i do with the ground wire on my sony CD player?

You "ground" it or connect it to a negative source that is connected got the negative end of the battery

What are the makes of vehicles with negative ground system?

Most all vehicles built today have a negative ground system, and have had for decades.

Is the 1999 grand voyager is it a negative or positive ground?

Negative earth

1950 Chevy truck is it a positive or negative ground?

negetive ground

What is the charge of lightning?

the charge of a lightning is positive and negative. The positive is on the top of a lightning cloud and the negative is surrounded on the bottom. As it flashes down it is a negative. However, the ground is a positive charge so as it reaches down, it turns into a positive charge. I hope this will answer you question

How do you wire a 6 volt positive ground system?

Positive Cable from Battery to ground location on frame Negative to Starter Use #2 guage cable for best results Answer No. 2 You don't wire positive ground. Wire negative ground and you will forever be thankful. With a positive ground car everything, like a radio, elect fuel pump, elect fan or anything you add will have to be isolated because everything is made negative ground. You can't wire stuff made negative ground to a positive ground you get the shorts.

How do you tell if a car has a negative or positive system?

Post the year, make and model of the vehicle (in new question) and one of us can tell you if it is negative or positive ground.

Is a 1991 Lincoln town car positive or negative grounded?

Negative ground

Is the 1937 Oldsmobile battery positive ground?

The 1937 Oldsmobile is negative ground.

Is Oldsmobile intrigue a positive ground?

Oldsmobile Intrigue 1999 is negative ground.

Which color wire is negative green or purple?

Most likely your "purple" was once black, and is the negative; to verify, trace "purple" to ground, or touch the leads of an ohmmeter to purple and ground. You should get "0" ohms at the correct wire. This assumes a negative ground.

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