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I left my Pokemon at the day-care how can I check up on it's exp and stuff?


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there is a poketech app that shows you what lvl your poke is at the daycare. not sure where to get it. look on a poketech app walkthrough

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The daycare center is to the left of the Solaceon Town Pokemon Center.

the pokemon daycare is on the left side of solaceon town, you can leave up to 2 pokemon there at a time Hope this helped :D

I think its at the left of marville town

The daycare i believe is to the left of Mauville city

it's to the left after mauville city then you see some old guy and a house beside him. that house is the daycare.

its in agate village, the house that is just left of the grandfathers house

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with two compatible Pokemon in the Pokemon Daycare the game will produce an egg every 256 steps. Pokemon left in daycare must be a male and female unless player is using a ditto which is gender-less.

There is no way to breed Pokemon faster. Two Pokemon left in the daycare center will produce an egg in a set amount of time depending on if they are compatible.

It's in Solaceon Town east of Hearthome City. The Daycare house is on the Northern left side of town.

In order to copy Pokemon, you need to leave ANY Pokemon at the daycare center with a ditto and when the egg hatches, you'll see the Pokemon you left with ditto! That's how to copy Pokemon!! :)

yes if your Pokemon was in the daycare it wont evolve, just one more level will do the trick but you have to gain the level or use a rare candyHope it helps

I don't really know but they do level up.For example my ditto is on lv. 56 and when i left him there he was on lv.20

Well, I think the answer to that will be the daycare to the left of Striaton City. The old lady in the small building can take care to up to 2 of your Pokemon at a time, and you can also breed Pokemon there.

In order to breed in Pokemon black/white leave two Pokemon at the daycare centre on route 3. If you go through the first city with a gym go left out of the city and go up, when you get the option to turn don't, keep going up. There should be a building, go into it and your at the daycare centre.

It's in the northeast corner of Solaceon town, directly to your left as you're leaving towards route 210.

There is no Daycare in Kanto if you had been talking to the people and read what they said you would know that the Daycare was destroyed for the old lady to live in the house right before Cerulean City The only daycare Left is the one in Johto right before Goldenrod City I Hope This Helps- Signed The Girl Pokemon Master, BailiB

a Pokemon left at the daycare gains 1 exp poimt for every step you take so if you have lots and lots of time leave your Pokemon at set daycare and just ride a mach bike back and forth between maville and verdanturv until you think it's grown enough just make sure you know how to keep count i like using max repels

you spelt 'breade' wrong; it's 'breed' not 'breade'...Just put a boy Pokemon and a girl Pokemon (who you think will get along and are the same type ((or is a ditto and a another Pokemon)) ) in the Pokemon daycare center in Solaceon town (northeast Harthome city) and while there talk to the guy (not the old lady; talk to her to leave your Pokemon there.) in the daycare center and he will give you a Poketch-app that lets you see the Pokemon you left there, and see what level they are, and when you see an egg between the two Pokemon, then go back and talk to the guy in front of the Pokemon daycare center and he will give you an egg from your Pokemon. Hop this helps!!! :) :D

You have to go to verdanturf town and go to the house in the bottom left.

use a good or super rod on one of the lakes in petalberg city or.. left of the daycare in the water use the good/super rod

You can't normally.You can go into the backyard if you hack the game that way you can go through anything but its pretty much useless you wont fin the Pokemon you left in the day care there sadly.

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