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it isn't bad to have a crush on a person 3 grades up. The person may not like younger people though.

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How do teachers grade papers?

they use this think that has all the grades on it i suppose

What is the word when someone looks up your grades?

Usually someone looks up grades by reading a transcript. This could be described as reviewing ones academic history.

What grade is this science in because these answers can be different for other grades?

Many Grades

Why do grades drop in middle school?

because people take their maind of the grades

Does boredom effect grades negetivly?

Probably not because boredom does not have anything to do with your grades.

Why should kids not get paid for good grades?

because some have bad grades

How do you get someone to buy you the iPhone 4S?

Get good grades and be respectful

Why students get lower grades in math?

students get lower grades in math because they are not asian

What were Barack Obama's grades like?

His law school grades were excellent. His undergraduate grades are unknown because he refuses to release his transcripts .

Are missing grades worth a lot?

yes missing grades do worth a lot because your grades to help your education - hi im here

What are failing grades?

failing grades are thus subject have failed because of absences and not passing their recquirements..

Keep Your Grades Up?

When you apply for grants for college students, you will be asked to provide a transcript of your grades so far. If you are failing your classes, the people who are handing out the money will want to give it to someone else. They do not want to pay for you to fail, after all, when the money could be spent on someone who will excel. You need to keep your grades up as high as you can. This will make you money because it will make it so that you are eligible for grants that you could not have gotten otherwise.

What GCSE grades are required to be a lawyer?

make good grades and do the best you can, even if you have to become geek, because in the long run, life will be great because of your smartness

Why did Martin Luther King Jr skip grades?

Martin Luther King Jr was able to skip two grades in highschool (9th and 12th grades) because of his intelligence and excellent school work. He began college at age 15.

Cause of students having failing grades?

Because of you

Why Is Maths Important To your Studies?

because it will help you with you grades

Who do you not capitalize grades?

Because they aren't proper nouns.

Are your gcse grades bad?

No because they are quite good.

Working student's performance?

A working student's performance does not need to suffer because of their need to work. With proper balance, this student can get equally high grades as someone who doesn't work.

What grades are required to become a child psychologist?

You will need excellent grades, particularly in college. That is because the graduate programs are competitive to get into.

Do sports help your grades?

Yes it does cause i means you would do good with your grades because you must be passing all your classes to do it

Why are Obama's college grades hidden?

Probably because all college grades are confidential and cannot be released without permission.

Should kids have at least a c in their grades before they get their license?

Yes because better grades will help with the car insurance!

If someone copies off your paper are they jealous of your grades?

Sometimes. Sometimes they are just lazy.

Why should students be get good grades to play sports?

Students should get good grades to play sports because if their focusing on their grades they will be not paying attention to the coach or they will rather be sitting out of the sport.