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In French, to say I love you, you say:

Je t'aime.

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Like who in french, clarify

The French economy is like a French economy. >:D

to like in french is aimer.

The French like Canadians because the French founded Canada and a lot of Canadians speak French.

like this 'how are you in french.'

I like him in French is Je l'aime.

its just like french auri-vore its just like french auri-vore its just like french auri-vore its just like french auri-vore


like you is translated "comme vous / comme toi" in French

I like everything is 'j'aime tout' in French.

In French à aimer means to like in English.

french like to go to shops and eat spaghetti or pizza

"I like grapes" in French is J'aime les raisins.

The French for "we like to dance" is nous aimons danser.

i like your dress mean j'aime ta robe in french

she would like is spelled 'elle aimerait' in French.

I like your image in french is - J'aime ton image.

Je n'aime pas that's how you write i do not like in French

"I don't like" is "je n'aime pas" in French.

I like your style is "j'aime ton style" in French.

I like these sports is "j'aime ces sports" in French.

You say we will in french like this........ Nous

I like French:J'aime le françaisI like the French:J'aime les françaisI like french class:J'aime le cours de françaisIf you want to say "I like a lot/a little," in French in a sentence like: I like French a lot. I like French a little.A lot:BeaucoupA little:Un peuExample:J'aime beaucoup le françaisJ'aime un peu le françaisTo say "I don't like":Je n'aime pasExample:Je n'aime pas le françaisin French, your opinions is 'vos opinions 'for the formal way.'tes opinions' is less formal.

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