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There is always a chance of the female getting pregnant when you don't use a condom. The chance might be a tad slimmer since she was close to ovulating. Be safe and use a condom to reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

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2014-09-08 19:58:27
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Q: I lost my virginity with a girl 2 days ago she has her period today I made sure my penis was dry during sex may she be pregnant?
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If you use a vibrater when you have your period can you get pregnant?

No there is absolutely no way a vibrator will make you pregnant. The way you get pregnant is when a penis is inserted into your vagina , ejaculates sperm which then has to fertilise ovum during your fertile period of the menstrual cycle. In other word no man no baby's,

Does your penis grow after loosing your virginity?


Should you put the penis in the vagina during a girl's period or after?

After a girls period! Unless you like to have bloody vagina lining on your penis during sex.

Which hole does the penis enter to make a woman pregnant?

The penis enter to make a woman pregnant the vagina during sex, which can lead to pregnancy.

If you tried on a tampon without a period will you get pregnant?

A tampon will never make you pregnant, and won't interfere with your ability to get pregnant in the future. You get pregnant from a penis in the vagina, not a tampon.

Can a woman get pregnant during her period using withdrawal method?

Yes she can. It's not very common for women to become pregnant while on their period but it is possible. The withdrawal method is not very reliable if you are not trying to get pregnant. A woman can still get pregnant from a mans preejaculate which would be at the tip of the mans penis before he ejaculates. So yes you can get pregnant that way too

Can I get pregnant if I am on my period and I have a tampon in me and he doesn't ejaculate but he rubs his penis by my vagina but not quite on it?

No ejaculation means no sperm, you can't get pregnant, unless he masturbated just before and still had sperm on his penis.

Can a girl can become pregnant by kissing her bf during period time?

No.Answer 2:You can only get pregnant if your boyfriend places his penis against or into your vagina such that some of his semen enters.

If you put your penis up against her hole can she get pregnant she is one week late on her period?


Can your period cause you get pregnant if your partner did not sperm in you?

If your partner did not touch your body with his erect penis in any way, you can not get pregnant. But if he was inside you and pulled out to come, then yes, you could be pregnant.

What happens to the penis after you lose your virginity?

Nothing. it stays axactly the same.

Will the virginity b lost as soon as the penis enters the virgina?

It certainly will.

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