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Where samurais' ever allowed to be in love?

Samurai cherished every thing and love came to every man they lived as they would die.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, I do believe in love at first sight. So who every that man (or woman) is... he is yours!!!

What to say to your man that you want to get married?

Say u love him and no one can every replace him!

Why was Princess Diana depressed?

Because every man on earth was in love with her, except her husband.

What do guys really mean when they tell you they love you?

It's impossible to answer this question. Every man is different. Lots of men are rude and can tell you they love you just simply to benefit themselves, but the mature man only say they love you when they really mean that they have love for you, or in love with you.

We the women love a man why he saying he love me and lie to me that he seen someone else?

He doesn't really love you. He just wants sex. You're loving the wrong man. All that man is worried about is getting some every night. You need to respect yourself and make men respect you.

What do women love the most in a man?

Wealth , Health and Beauty , in descending order.AnswerIntelligence, confidence, sense of humor, good character and morals. Every woman is different in what they love the most in a man so it's really difficult to say. All I can say is, when you meet the right man you will realize what you love most in a man.

Which Adjectives in this sentence Every man has his duties?

The adjectives are 'every' and 'his'.

Is every leprechaun a man?

No. Every man is a man, every leprechaun is a leprechaun, and every Justin Bieber is a girl.

Whose the man you love?

Still waiting for my man that I love. But for right now, the man I love is my father<3

What is the moral message of the film Dead Man Walking?

the message is: Every human deserves compassion, forgiveness and love.

What is the best thing a lady wants from a relationship?

The answer is love & care. Every lady want to be loved & spoiled by her man.

I don't love him for the man he is but for the man he wants to be?

you don't love him. love is accepting the other as he is.

How you know a man really love you?

how do you know a man love you are not

What kind of quantity of preposition is every man is moral?

Since "Not every man is moral" then Every man is moral is Particular.

What is the name of a George Gerswin song that has the words The and Love in the title?

The Man I Love. The Man I Love.

Why girls need love?

more help for our achievement life Tamil slogan says every man success for woman

When a man says he loves you but is not in love you but he calls you every day and tells you that he doesn't need to be with anyone else when he is with you?

he is afraid of commitment

How many people love or have a crush on Justin Bieber?

About every teenage girl known to man! Too many if you ask me....

What do you mean by 'The man in every woman and the woman in every man'?

Every man has a feminine side, however slight and every every woman a male side, however slight.

Can a straight man fall in love with a gay man?

No, although a straight man can love a gay man as a best friend.

What is Kate Barlow doing in holes?

she is know as kissin' kate barlow and she kisses every man she kills. she is in love with a man named sam and since his death it never rained. -> ->

How does a man reciprocate a woman's love if the woman does not love the man?

A man cannot reciprocate a woman's love if the woman does not love the man. The only thing that a many can do is initiate some love gestures like buying coffee and being friendly to the woman.

Say im a man after every sentence i say. i love this girl. We hooked up. We went to my house. Had some drinks. And then she said.?

"I'm a man."

Do you love Pakistan?

Yes, every Pakistani does. I think this applies to every nation. Every nation love their country.