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what kind of wires- electrical??, spark plugs??, battery??

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Q: I might have the wires crossed on my vortec v6 how can i find out?
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Where can you find a distributor for a 97 Chevy with a 350?

back of the engine under that black box that says vortec it has 9 spark plug type wires comming off it

How do you find out what your 1996 vortec engine came out of with the engine serial numbers of 10243878?

By running the vins and serial numbers on the VORTEC engine its self and going to the DMV you might have to pay them $50 but it will give you basically all the information on it! (:

How do you sodder wires in a guitar jack?

It is possible that you might need to solder wires in your guitar jack. You could find the wiring diagram online.

Where can you find a diagram or a picture to see if you have crossed some of the spark plug wires on a 1994 Ford Probe GT?

starting at the front of the car going from passengers side to drivers side wires should be 246 and in the back should be 135

Where is the map sensor located on a 2002 Silverado V8 Vortec engine?

The Mass Air Pressure sensor is located at the top rear of the engine, close to the firewall. Remove the Vortec engine cover (I believe it's an 8mm), and from the driver's side, find the rear-most sensor connection (it has 3 wires), and follow it. The sensor looks like this:

Your trucks a 96 gmc you dont know if its a vortec because you think they took the plastic cover off because the put k filter on it and its a big pipe how can i find out if its a vortec engine is it 1?

1996 was the first year that all GM trucks went to Vortec engines - it IS a Vortec...

Where to find Vortec 5.7 schematic spark plug wire?

Looking at the distributor cap from th top the wires are as follows 1,7,3,5 on the drivers side and 8,2,4,6 on the passenger side the last wire on the passenger side goes to the coil.

You might find numbers and the symbol A on a label near wiring in machinery What does it probably mean?

the intensity of the current in the wires

A 1979 Chevy 350 that has 1996 vortec heads were can you find rolling rocker arms?

you should be able to use the vortec rockers true rollers u should find on e bay for a resonal price

Why would all four turn signals come on and stay on with the headlights on a 1997 Mazda Protege?

bad ground somewhere or crossed wires. only way to find out is to go to a shop and have them check all of the wiring.

How do you find the ground wire for 1995 Saturn SE1 power windows?

it might be grounded to the door it self you will have two hot wires....

Does a Crown Victoria have a V-Tech engine?

You want to know if a Crown Vic has a V-Tech engine? V-Tech is a trademark name of Honda Motor Company, and is a 4 cylinder engine. So the answer is no. After I thought about it for a while, I realized you might have also meant Vortec. Again the answer is no. Vortec is a trademark name of General Motors. So you will find a Vortec only in a GM product, not Ford. it has a v8 engine which is V- tech too.

Find out what wires do?

Wires just connect electricity cords/outlets.

Where do you find vacuum hose diagrams for a 1993 GMC Jimmy vortec V6 4.3?

Thank You

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What Chevy block has casting number 1024380?

10243880 if from 95-00 Vortec. Closest I could find.

How fix crossed distributor wire Chevy Nova 1979?

v8 or in line six or v6 ? use insualted plires if car is running pull wires one at a time and find the ones that make no change to the sound of the engine and swap them

When starting 2002 Oldsmobile aurora rear power window goes down?

A crossed ignition wire and a power window wire could cause this problem. Check the wiring below the dashboard. You should be able to find the bared wires.

Where can you find the egr valve on a 2003 Chevy s10 vortec v6?

2003 4.3's do not have an egr valve.

The reverse lights don't work on your 1986 Mercedes 190e it isn't the bulbs or the fuse is there a switch or something that may need replacing and how do you fix this?

It might be one of the wires going to the lights is broke. You can easily find that by crwling under the car with a light and go up and down your wires trying to find a break in it/them.

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Lick them and find out.

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