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I need help beating the elite four in diamond version?

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2011-09-12 23:05:24
2011-09-12 23:05:24

ok i will tell you dustox and beautifly and heracross use a flying type and vepsquen electric type and drapion any attack but not pycic and ghost

breatha Pokemon all grass

and rapidash infernape steelix loppuny water type driflim ghost

all Pokemon of lucian ghost only girafarig and bronzong

champion spirtomb fire gastroon milotic grass roserade lucario flying garchomp any

Here are the Pokemon i used to beat the elite 4.

Mew Lv 78

Jirachi Lv 76

Ho-oh Lv 78

Espeon Lv 79

Lugia Lv 75

Arceus Lv 78

note:I used action replay ds,these Pokemon are not at Lv. 100 because I do not know the code for rare candies

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YOU CAN'T, WITHOUT BEATING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or being beaten

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Yes,you can trade with perl,diamond,platinum and soul silver.You can trade before beating the elite four.

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stark moutain (after beating elite four) and completing sinnoh dex

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By first beating the elite four then by going to the great marsh.

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Go there after beating the Elite Four. The ship is in Snowpoinnt City.

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