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If you are going up a hill and you hear your car start to sputter or stall out.

If it is an electric fuel pump, turn on the key and listen in the gas fill, u can here it running for a brief time after the key is turned on.

first, i need to know if it is electrical or mechanical? if electrical,& in the tank of car, it will just stop working. if it is outside of tank it will not make any noise if it is bad! it should buzz or vibrate (really soft)if it is working correctly. if mechanical, like on old Chevy small blocks it will "clatter" a little before going out.

Simple, attach a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel line that goes to the carb or tbi. Fuel pressure should be in range with manufacture specs. If it isn't get a new one.

Replace the fuel pump as regular routine maintainance. It is just good sense to do so especially if the engine has high milage. It is much easier to replace it at home in the driveway instead of on the highway in the middle of nowhere. . John In Montana

Hey Dan==There is another view on this question. I have a '93 Buick Roadmaster with 120,000 miles with the original pump on it. It depends if you want to take the chance. It depends on the make of your car too as the chev trucks have a high failure rate. Good luck, Joe

Be it an older mechanical pump or a newer electric pump, the best way in either case is a fuel pressure gauge. Be careful, the newer electric pumps (FI systems) are under higher pressure plus on a FI system the high pressure remains even after cutting the motor off.

It will no longer run or will run but not pump fuel at the proper pressure.

Check the presure in the fuel line. 35 psi should be your mark!Keo

Well this depends on what kind of fuel system you have but it is pretty simple to check either way.

If you have a carburetor you must pull the fuel line at the carb and turn the car over.... try to start it. You will need to find the fuel line first to do this. Should be a metal line running to the carb. Please use caution when doing this as if there is a spark leak it is very possible to start a fire.

If you have a fuel injected system you will need to check the system at the fuel relief valve on the fuel rail. (looks a bit like a tire air stem).

either way there should be ample fuel coming out either the valve or the line when attemping to start the car.

How ever just because you have fuel coming out of the line/valve does not mean that you don't have a fuel pressure problem. It is very possible to have fuel at either point but not have enought to properly run the car.

i would recomend that you take the car to a full service auto shop and have them look at it as fuel systems can be complicated for novices.

If the engine stalls, stumbles, misses, or quits. Just replace it if you have any doubts. Then you will know.

Rough idle, stalling, lack of power are some of the symptoms.

Read the owners manual which will tell you when to replace.

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Q: I need the diagram for wiring the fuell pump harness for a Nissan maxima 1987?
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