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Sing this, Oh dear science teacher. You are fun and exicting. I got this from the internet. Oh dear science teacher.

"She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby is kind of random and weird.

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yea 8th grade science teacher

Not really, but to confirm ask a science teacher or scientist.

I really don't know. I did the science experiment with my science teacher but I didn't find out. SORRY!!! :(

Not really you jsut got to study and listen to your teacher like always :)

i really dont know. sorry ask your science teacher you will find out

adding on to my Q.... Okay so here: This may seem really weird, but my science teacher is 29 years old and I am 13. Because of her, I want to be a science teacher. Funny thing is- we look alike with the basic looks- brown hair, blue eyes. same height about. One monday we wore the same oufit. People even sometiems think I am her! Only problem is- I want her to like me. I am really shy and don't talk to her much. I have found that I am better friends with the other science teacher than my own and was caught after school hanging out and talking with the other science teacher. I think she thinks I don't like her ebcause I am always talking to the other teacher. I really want to become friends with my science teacher and may want to re-start. any tips on how???

Check with your science teacher r look it up in a book geez people really

A good teacher, students that pay attention, and pencils that have really good erasers.

because of science, nobody really cares but they are the same not different! my science teacher is the worst THANK U AND GOD BLESS COLOMBUS

The maximum grade for foundation science is only a C. But, normally if you do really well in your first foundation science exam you can get your teacher to change you to the higher level paper where you can get an A*. - That is what I am aiming to do.

You have to study really hard, especially if you have a really hard science teacher. Find a technique that is easy and works for you, and stick with it. If you need to know definitions, make flash cards. Study, study, study!

This answer was hard at first but when you really think about it its FRICTION! :) I asked my science teacher! :)

Yeah coz it deals with gravity etc if we didn't have it we would drown. :) see your science teacher

they lived in really random houses in really random rooms in really random other things. they also had really weird houses.

Your wenis (no, really, I heard that from my science teacher)(and she said its another name for your back of your elbow"so its call your wenis!

They don't really occur in an exact spot it is always different. Sourcs: Science Teacher

well if you must ask i have no idea I'm just really bored I'm at school but why don't you ask a science teacher i mean really its that obvious. or you can ask a history teacher but any way i now the answer i just don't know how to say it it starts with an a and ends with logy zoo yeah

ランダム That's it!!!!! It really is!

I really wish i could help you but i have NO idea you might should ask you science teacher she or he could help you answer this question.

first of all STUDY! If its really that bad i suggest you get a tuttor or ask your teacher for help/after school training

I think random dating is when you date random people you do not really know or know much about them.

The science of living things is called biology. If you really mean the science of life then I don't think there is an actual name for it, most scientist assume that life is brought about randomly though random chemical reactions but there are still many who would disagree with this.

you will need 100 teaspoons of sugar to make kool-aid. really it works! and tastes good!! -written by a middle school science teacher. ! I LOVE SCIENCE!

A Good Teacher: When a Teacher is OK. A Great Teacher: You really like that Teacher, you have had him / her before.

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