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my dog has infections on his skin and in his mouth can i give him cleocin 300 mg??? or what do i need to give him nothing has worked thus far

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What antibiotic is needed for swollen gum?

There could be a number of antibiotics that are needed for swollen gums. The type of antibiotic needed depends on the cause of the swelling.

Can amoxicillin be given for swollen blistered lips?

That's an antibiotic, and you shouldn't be self-medicating with those. Depending on WHY your lips are swollen and blistered, it might not do you any good anyhow.

How do you relieve painful swollen lymph nodes?

You can relieve painful and swollen lymph nodes by treating the cause of the infection. In some cases you will need an antibiotic medication. Check with your doctor to find the cause of the pain and swelling.

What does it mean when your tonsils are swollen and red your gums are swollen red and cant chew throwt has puss and lips have white lumps on them?

Sounds like Strep....whatever it is, you definitely need a doctor, or at the very least an antibiotic! QUICK!

How do you know if a spider bite is infected?

If your spider bite is swollen and filled with white pus, it may be infected. You will need to go to the emergency room to get an antibiotic.

What should you do if you foreskin is swollen?

Depend on what is the reason if it is of to much sex the best is to take a nice warm bath with baby oil and let it with rest for a week most of the time the swollen will restore after 3 days but if it is of an injury go and see a doctor so that he can gave you a antibiotic

What can you do for your puppies swollen throat?

You could always take it to the veterinarian, also put it on a diet of canned food with water. If the sore throat is real bad, he'll probably be on an antibiotic for a little over a week.

What are the symptoms of swollen back?

Your back is...swollen? Swollen back IS a symptom.

What is wrong with this rabbit - The skin around his rabbit eyes is swollen and he sneezes a lot. How should he be treated?

This rabbit either has allergies or (more likely) he has a cold. Eyes should be washed out with antibiotic eye wash. Actual cold symptoms should be treated with penicillin or other antibiotic inoculations. He probably has conjuntivitis in his eyes.

What do you do if you have swollen lymph nodes?

Your doctor will treat the cause of the swelling. If you have an infection, you may need to take an antibiotic or an antiviral medication. If your doctor is not sure what is causing the problem, you may need to have the swollen node biopsied. To perform this procedure, your doctor will insert a needle in the lymph node, remove a sample of tissue or fluid, and send the sample to a laboratory.

What do you get at the hospital if you have a spider bite?

It depends on the type of spider and how bad your infection is. If it's just a little swollen and red, you'll likely get only an antihistamine to help with the allergic reaction. If it's infected, you'll get an antibiotic.

What are swollen roots?

a root that is swollen

What is the meaning of swollen moon?

swollen moon

What causes swollen tongue?

A suddenly swollen tongue can be caused by an allergic reaction. A chronically swollen tongue -- in other words, the tongue becomes swollen over time and remains swollen -- can be an indication of hypothyroidism.

Why do i have a swollen ear after a cold?

You might have a swollen ear after a cold because you have an ear infection. You might also have swollen lymph nodes that make the ear appear swollen.

What should you do if your foreskin is swollen?

It depends on what is the reason for it if it is swollen after it is cut or hurt by a unsterilised object then you have to see a Doctor soon but if it is swollen cause of to many sex the swollen will restore by itself if the organ is leave with rest for a week or so. If your foreskin swollen and tender, if it is swollen to the point where you cannot retract your foreskin, or if it is swollen and red, you should be evaluated by a doctor and properly treated.

Why most of the underground stems are swollen or fleshy?

why are underground stems usually swollen? why are underground stems usually swollen?

Why are the female dog's private swollen?

why is my dogs private swollen?

Why is your xiphoid process swollen?

causes of swollen xiphoid process

How do pimples swollen?

If you pinch them or try to pop them, thy get swollen.

True or false if you have swollen glands you actually have swollen lymph nodes?

It depends on where your body is swollen. Lymph nodes are everywhere.

Swollen neck under ear red tender?

If your neck is swollen and under your ears are red and tender, you may have swollen glands. Swollen glands are a result of an enlargement of the lymph nodes.

Why is your tongue red swollen and sore?

Due to the deficiency of vitamins so that tongue red swollen and sore.

How do you make something swollen?

Something can become swollen from an allergic reaction.

What is the description of tender swollen breasts?

They get swollen and full, and tender to the touch!