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Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA

1270 Chastain Road

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Sales, marketing and distribution of Outboard Motors.

Outboard Customer Relations

Exclusively for Outboards

(866) 894-1626

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What manufacture year is a Yamaha 2 stroke outboard engine 25 BMHS 61RK with sn 1001412?

2stroke 4 hp yamaha 6eq date of manufacture

What year is your Yamaha 28A outboard starting with 664 or 884 with 450752 following numbers?


What is the weight of a 1990 Yamaha 85hp outboard motor?

The dry weight of an 85hp Yamaha outboard is 245lbs.

What is Yamaha 2hp outboard points gap?

The magneto point gap on a 2hp Yamaha outboard is 0.35mm, or 0.014".

Do you need a trim tab on a Yamaha 90 outboard?

how to set a trim tab on a 90 hp yamaha outboard

How do you tell the age of a Yamaha outboard motor?

Yamaha outboards use the last letter in the model number to determine the year model. This letter is referenced to a model year chart to find the year of manufacture.

What is the weight of 1991 Yamaha 130 outboard motor?

The dry weight of a 1991 model, 130 hp Yamaha outboard is 357lbs.

How do you adjust timing 50 hp Yamaha outboard motor?

how do you adjust timing on a 50 hp 1985 Yamaha outboard motor

What is the weight of a 1987 Yamaha 15 hp outboard?

The dry weight of a 1987 model, 15 hp Yamaha outboard is 85 lbs.

What year is this Yamaha outboard 20dmh?


Total weight 1996 Yamaha 70hp outboard engine?

The dry weight of a 1996 model, 70 hp Yamaha outboard is 223 lbs.

What is the Oil to gas ratio for Yamaha 115 Outboard?

If not using oil injection, the 115 hp Yamaha outboard will require a 50:1 ratio.

Spark plug gap for Yamaha pro50 outboard?

The Yamaha Pro 50 outboard requires an NGK BR8HS-10 plug, gapped to .039in.

Yamaha 40 hp hepo 6h4 outboard what year is it?

Yamaha 40hp 6h4l1001833

What oil do you use in 1988 Yamaha 4 stroke outboard?

The 4 stroke Yamaha outboard requires a quality SAE 10W-40 motor oil.

Yamaha outboard motor weights?

15 hp

What is the age of Yamaha outboard 85AE 688?


How fast is a Yamaha 85hp outboard motor?


What is the weight of a Yamaha 6HP outboard?

it weighs 27kg

Where can you download free Yamaha outboard manuals?


What Year Yamaha Outboard Model 30SD?


What year is a Yamaha outboard F90 TLR?


What age is your Yamaha 25dm 695 l 320542 outboard engine?

Yamaha 25dm 695l

Is a Yamaha ProV outboard fuel injected or carborated?


What year is a Yamaha E60HMHD outboard?

I think the D is for 1990