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Sounds like you bent the valve. You'll have to pull the head to fix it.

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What is the US dollar backed by?

sadly it is backed only by promises. It used to be backed by gold but that was taken away and now it is backed by nothing.

A car passed methen I backed up out of a space it was clear then she backed up into me Who is at fault?

the lady who backed into you, clearly she wasnt paying attention and backed into your car

Who is at fault when your parked car gets backed into?

Whomever backed into it is at fault.

How do you use the word backed in a sentence?

I backed away from the big dog.

How do you get your ex girl backed who left you she said her feelings changed?

Buy her flowers, learn how to type, it's back not backed backed isn't a word

Who's eligible for a VA-backed loan?

Veterans are eligible for a VA-backed loan. Veterans who were released are also eligible for VA-backed loan.

What does bw on a record mean?

On singles it means backed with as in "side A backed with side B."

Who backed up columbuson a voyage?

queen isabella backed up columbus's voyage

What is the genus of a red backed vole?

The red-backed voles are members of the genus Myodes.

Who were the anticommunist counterrevolutionaries in Nicaragua that the Reagan administration backed?

The Contras was the counterrevolutionaries backed by Reagan.

How did knights solve their problems?

they always had back up and they never backed out or backed down

When was Black-backed Tanager created?

Black-backed Tanager was created in 1806.

When was Brown-backed Parrotlet created?

Brown-backed Parrotlet was created in 1820.

When was Black-backed jackal created?

Black-backed jackal was created in 1775.

What is a Government-Backed Financing?

Government backed financing is financing that has the promise of the government standing behind it. It is different from private investor financing or bank backed financing.

Where does the chestnut-backed owlet live?

Chestnut-Backed Owlets live in tropical jungles.

How many red backed squirrel monkey are there in the world?

how many red-backed squirrel monkeys in the world

Is the Swiss frank backed by gold?

The Swiss Frank is not backed by Gold, nor is any Fiat currency.

When was Razor-backed musk turtle created?

Razor-backed musk turtle was created in 1855.

When was Red-backed poison frog created?

Red-backed poison frog was created in 1884.

How often should computer records and files be backed up to keep tax records and data safe?

how often should work be backed up how often should work be backed up

What do Red Backed Salamanders eat?

Red-backed Salamanders eat small arthropods, including insects and spiders

What is the common name of a red backed vole?

Red backed vole is the common name. The scientific name is Myodes.

Who were the anticommunist counterrevoluyionaries in Nicaragua that the Reagan administration backed?

The Contras was the counterrevolutionary group in Nicaragua that the Reagan administration backed.

Why is evolution considered a theory?

B. It is backed up by scientific evidence. Apex