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It seems a bit soon for pregnancy symptoms such as you describe to be affecting you, so I would suggest there is another cause.

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What does it mean if your Neopet is bloated?

It simply means your Neopet is as full as it can get, and it's no longer hungry. When something or someone is bloated, they are feeling extremely full!

If you just had a baby in the last month and you got put on the depo shot and you feel bloated and hungry than usual could you be pregnant?

Bloating and hunger are side effects of depo provera. If you had a baby in the last four weeks, you are not likely to be pregnant.

Do red grapes make you bloated?

no it actually makes you less hungry and its very good for you.

Name a complaint a pregnant woman might have?

Family Feud answersClothes don't fitBack PainHungryTiredMorning SicknessSwollen FeetCramps

Why does your stomach hurt so bad when im hungry are you pregnant?

I am not an expert but, I get super hungry and I am not pregnant. (By the way I am 10 yrs. old.)

Could you be pregnant if it's been 3 weeks since your last period and your tummy is hard and you have cramps and a headache and you're hungry all the time and have to pee a lot?

Yes you could definitely be pregnant but your tummy isn't normally hard unless your about 5 + weeks pregnant. Do a test and see your doctor.

Why does your stomach constantly hurt some times cramps you always feel bloated or full like you just ate but then you feel hungry at the same time Sometimes having gas cramps anyone have answers?

This could be IBS, Celiac's, or food sensitivities (like lactose intolerance, etc), or a variety of other issues. There are tests your doctor can perform that should be able to give you a clear answer quickly. Hope you feel better!

If you have light spotting and little bit of cramps and your stomach is hurting and you are feeling hungry could you be pregnant?

It very well could be. But spotting and cramping don't sound right. I think you should try a home pregnancy test.

Why is female dog still hungry after eating?

the dog is still hungry because it might be pregnant

You have been extremely hungry lately are you pregnant?

Just because you are extremely hungry doesnt mean you might be pregnant 0.o You should take the test and see

How can you tell your about to start your period because i have had discharge and cramps and i have also been getting hungry easily help?

You can tell if you have discharge and cramps. Your period will start two to six months after you have discharge.

Frequent urination gas and mild cramps 4 day late period pregnant?

I am experiencing the exact same thing! I am 2 days late for my period now, having mild cramps every now and then, having to go the washroom frequently I usually dont feel the need to go that often, also quite gassy and hungry.

Is it ok if you are 8 weeks pregnant and you are hungry right after eating?

Yes it is very normal to be hungry right after you eat,

What does the growling mean when pregnant?

That means tha baby is hungry

Do you feel hungry when you are pregnant?

i think so... i just got my test done and it showed me i am pregnant. I have been feeling abnormally hungry :) so i guess it should be an early sign of pregnancy.

Why do you get bloated after eating?

because you are storing food in your stomach and then you digest it out and then when you digested it all out you will be hungry again .... it usually takes about 4 hours to digest everything :)

You have had your goldfish for about 3 years and none of them have gotten pregnant why are they always hungry?

Goldfish do not have stomachs so they always feel hungry. This would explain why they are always so hungry. The fact that they are hungry all the time is a good sign- it means their healthy, and no they haven't gotten pregnant because pregnancy is not involved in the reproduction of goldfish.

You keep waking up really hungry could you be pregnant?

i think im pregnant and i keep waking up hungry in the morning. im not sure if the two have anything to do with each other tho

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