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I ovulated early 11 or 12 days in to cycle because ther was egg white discharge is that normal?



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Yes you don't always ovulate on day 14 unless you have a 28 day cycle. I ovulate on the 11 because I have a 24 day cycle. Also you are normally fertile a few days before you actually ovulate because sperm can live for 3-5 days in a womans body with fertile discharge. If you go to you can create an ovulation calendar by putting in the first day of your last cycle and how many days are in your cycle and it will tell you your fertile time. They say it is not 100% effective but it worked for me the first time twice. I started using the calendar the beginning of Sept, got pregnant the end of Sept I miscarried in October and was still messed up in November, after my period in December I got pregnant again. Good luck!