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Yes you don't always ovulate on day 14 unless you have a 28 day cycle. I ovulate on the 11 because I have a 24 day cycle. Also you are normally fertile a few days before you actually ovulate because sperm can live for 3-5 days in a womans body with fertile discharge. If you go to you can create an ovulation calendar by putting in the first day of your last cycle and how many days are in your cycle and it will tell you your fertile time. They say it is not 100% effective but it worked for me the first time twice. I started using the calendar the beginning of Sept, got pregnant the end of Sept I miscarried in October and was still messed up in November, after my period in December I got pregnant again. Good luck!

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When does ovulation occur after a menstrual cycle?

"Normally" 14 days later, but "normal" is different for every woman. Some women can tell that they have ovulated by changes in their discharge (often it is a clear elasticy fluid).

Is it normal to spot days after your menstrual cycle?

Spotting, along with discharge are totally normal.

Egg white discharge be a sign of pregnancy?

Egg white discharge is normal during your regular monthly cycle.

What is the normal periodic discharge of the endometrial lining in a female known as?

menstrual cycle

Is it normal to have white or clear discharge before your period starts and cramps anywhere on your body?

Yes it is normal. Thick white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Clear and stretchy discharge is 'fertile' mucous and means you are ovulating. It is not normal if the discharge is accompanied by itching. If itching is present your discharge could indicate a yeast infection.

After monthly cycle you get clear discharge?

I know that i do, i have ever since i started having my monthly cycle in the 5th grade. so its normal for me.

White discharge before menstruation?

White dischare before or after your menstruation cycle is completely normal.

What is the white stuff that comes out of vaginas?

Its called discharge. Every month, a girl has a menstrual cycle and this discharge often happens when you have your period. Its completely normal.

Why would a woman experience a mucous like white discharge constantly?

The discharge is normal, and its a type of fertility monitor your body has. Depending on where you are in your cycle and your hormones the discharge will be lighter ar darker..ect.

Brown vaginal discharge?

it could be the end of your period. or if you dont have yours yet, your first cycle. it is the combination of the normal discharge and blood. but if you are worried, go to your doctor.

What can cause discharge if you don't have an STD?

Discharge is the normal cleaning process of the vagina. Discharge changes in consistency and appearance throughout the menstrual cycle. Discharge can also be caused by infections or conditions that are not sexually transmitted, such as bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection.

Brownish discharge ten days after menstrual cycle is it normal?

if u get it every month maybe its ovulation spotting

Brownish discharge mid-cycle is this normal?

Yes, it is just the blood getting mixed with your period blood

What does thick white discharge mean?

Thick white discharge can be a normal part of the menstrual cycle, typically this is more common during the luteal phase between ovulation and menstruation. Thick white discharge can be a symptom of a yeast infection but unless seeing other symptoms it is unlikely to be the case. If concerned about discharge it's best to go to your doctor for screening to determine the cause.

What does normal discharge look like?

Normal discharge varies in every woman and also changes depending on where you are in your cycle. Most discharge is either white, clear, or slightly yellow. It does not have an odor and can be thick or thin. If you notice a change in your discharge that is abnormal (such as color, consistency or smell), you should consult your doctor as it may be an indication of an infection.

Why does girlfriends panties have some white or yellow discharge on them.?

It is normal for a woman to have some yellow or white discharge. The amount of discharge is affected by the woman's cycle. Also, as a woman becomes aroused she will have a release of discharge as well. This is all perfectly healthy and normal as long as there is no foul smell coming from her vagina which could signal an infection.

Is It Normal that Lots of Discharge During My Period?

Yes, one does get discharge along with blood during a menstrual cycle but if it is excessive and also has a fowl smell you should consult a doctor.

How do you cure discharge?

Discharge is not something that can be "cured." It is normal for all women to have discharge and experience different kinds of discharge during different times in the cycle. Normal discharge includes slightly yellow, white, or clear, with a thick, thin, or "slimy" consistency. If you are experiencing abnormal discharge, it may be a sign of infection. Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are most commonly associated with abnormal discharge, but you should consult your doctor for more information.

You last had intercourse on 24th october your last period started on 14th october im sure you ovulated on the 3rd of this month as you had white sticky discharge could you be pregnant?

i really hope so because i am more or less the same cycle as you and i am just starting to grt white discharge an i am hopeing i am.plz post ir u r or not.x leah86 x

What should you do if you have a yellowish sometimes white thick milky discharge what could it be?

A thick, milky white discharge is normal and is probably from ovulation (releasing an egg) which is a normal part of every woman's cycle A yellowish discharge, however, can indicate a yeast infection or another type of infection, so it is important that you speak to your doctor about yellow discharge

Is it normal to have brown discharge and im not pregnant?

Yes. It's just left over from your last menstrual cycle, and your body is releasing it when you begin your next menstrual cycle.

What is the brown discharge before a period?

that's normal. it's just signifying that you are either starting or nearing the end of your cycle.

What does it mean when you have dark brown discharge andblood?

It is dried blood and very normal for your body to get rid of it at the end of your menstrual cycle.

Is it normal to have really heavy discharge?

It can be, everyone is different and what one person could consider heavy may be light to someone else, it's also normal for discharge to change throughout the menstrual cycle. If you think your discharge is unusually heavy then talk to your doctor about running tests to check for infections.

The normal discharge that occurs after your periods should be what color and should occur for how long?

Females get discharge throughout their entire menstrual cycles. The normal colour is a white or cream, sometimes also clear, and it should continue throughout your entire cycle.

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