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the way to ask a girl out is not by txt or by phone but by inperson!!! that is the best way to do it!!! now if the girl liked to befor u asked her then it is a for sure win! but that was from a girl that knows!!! Ok, well being a girl, i can't stand it when a guy asks out through anything but in person, if they don't, I get the hint they're not Confident, So I usually Say no... So do it in person!!! And be yourself, the girl probaly knows you and will get nervous if you aren't like your regular self, Anyway, your exact question, Uh i would Flirt and try to get her to see you in a different way...GOOD LUCK

2009-03-10 15:22:57
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If you were to have a sibling would you either have a brother or a sister?

Does your sister in-law qualify as a sister?

No. Your sister is a girl who has the same parents you do. Your sister-in-law is either the wife of your brother or the sister of your spouse.It is possible that you and your sister-in-law get along really well and feel like sisters, but you are not really sisters.

There was a blind beggar who had a brother but this brother had no brothers what was the relationship between the two?

the blind beggar was a girl. they were brother and sister. the brother had no brother ..... just a blind girl beggar as a sister.

Is your brother a boy or girl?

My brother and my sister are pigs.

Your sister blew all chances with a girl what are you to do?

Apologise on her behalf and hope for the best. If a girl really likes you, no sister is gonna stop her from liking you.

Is a nephew a boy or a girl?

NEPHEW is male Gender (boy). Nephew is a son of one's brother or sister (or brother-in-law or sister-in-law). The female Gender (girl) is NIECE, the daughter of one's brother or sister (or brother-in-law or sister-in-law).

What does it mean if a girl really likes your little brother?

it depends on the age difference --- it could mean that she sees really good friend potential there or she sees him as a little brother as well or she likes him

What does it mean for a boy to call a girl sister all of the time when they ar not related?

That he thinks of her as a sister, as if they really were siblings. Usually means he has no romantic interest in the girl.

Your sister goes with your brother who is his sister to you?

If your sister goes with your brother then it's incest and they would both be your siblings. If a girl is dating your brother and they get married this would make her your sister-in-law.

In the movie orphan who does the little girl kill?

Esther kills the father for no reason. I didn't really see the movie so I'm not positive. But, she tries to kill other people. She does not succeed. (the brother, the sister, the mother, the girl in her school etc.)

Does Deidara have a sister?

No, he does not. not funny. HES NOT A GIRL JEEZE. ---------------------------------------------- what! Deidara having a sister... whats wrong with that?? actually its really unknown~ but a girl called Kurotsuchi who comes also from Deidara's village happened to refer him as Deidara-nii (nii, used to address as to a older brother or someone really close to you) but there is a chance she isn't, but i sure hope she is! here is a site to look into further details >> hope this helps! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apparently he does have a sister, and an older brother. It's said here.

What does it mean when a girl says your like her brother so she can't go out with you?

it means she doesnt really like you.:/ sorry or you are really like her brother. i know that if i dated someone like my brother i would go nutts. acually i would NEVER go out with someone that was like my brother

Should a girl keep puberty secret?

no but i do.. you should tell your mother or sister.. or if you really trust your bff

Does David Hockney have a brother or a sister?

He has a brother, Paul, and a sister, Margaret + two other siblings.

If the nephew is girl?

If your brother or sister has a girl child, she is called your niece, not your nephew.

A beggers brother died but the man who died had no brother?

The beggar is a girl, so therefore the brother who died did not have a brother but he did have a sister.

How do you say BROTHER and SISTER in Korean?

A younger brother or sister is 동생 (dong-saeng). If you are a girl, your older sister is 언니 (eon-ni) and your older brother is 오빠 (oppa). If you are a boy, your older sister is 누나 (noona) and your older brother is 형 (hyung).

What should a girl do if she really likes a guy but her sister told him that she likes him and he is acting all shy?

Just tell him

What is an eco?

You sleeping with a girl/boy and it turns out they were your brother/sister

What does it mean if a Swedish girl calls you her brother?

She's your sister.

How old should a girl start shaving?

well it depends on how hairy the girl is. like my sister is really hairy (cyrel) and she started shaving when she was 8

Who are the best brother and sister?

If you are a boy you'll think brother if you are a girl you'll think sisters.

How do you say brother in Hungarian?

in Hungarian we don't distinguish the words brother and sister...both are mean one: testvér [tɛʃtveːr]but, if you want to say the gender of your brother or sister, you can use:boy (brother) is: fiútestvér [fiuːtɛʃtveːr]girl (sister) is: [laːɲtɛʃtveːr]

Doe's deidara have a sister?

no. also if ur saying him i will say this: HE IS NOT A GIRL!there hasn't really been a mention of his family and the only time there is he has no sister so no he does not and never will have a younger or older or twin sister

What relation is my sister's son to me?

When your sister or brother has a baby girl, the child is your neice (pronounced NEECE). When your brother or sister has a baby boy, the child is your nephew.