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If you really like a guy, the best way is making sure that he has your attention.

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You really like this guy i even wrote a SONG for him but he doesnt even know you exist what should you do?

easyy. make him know you exist. start talking to him more, to his friends more. make yourself notcied! maybe show him your song? :] good luck!

Do vampires exist in India?

In India yes but what you should know is that Vampires exist cause really I am One.

What are some traditional cook island clothing's?

i dont really know and who the heck doesnt really you should be ashamed DRY

Should you be in love with your ex?

it doesnt really matter but now you know that that person wasnt the right person for you

What do you do if you need a guy to ask you out that doesn't even know i exist?

if he doesnt know you exist then your prolly not his type, or he might not like you :p

How do you know if your boyfriend going out with is formor girlfriend?

He will either pretend that the other girl doesnt exist when she walks by He will act really weird or offended when you ask him about it

What is justin biebr's grandparents names?

who really cares what Justin bieber's grandparents names are?!?! whoever wants to know this he probably doesnt even know you exist yall are obsessive freaks

You like this guy and your not sure if this guy likes you or even knows you what should you do?

go up and talk to him. If he doesnt know you exist show him you do. be his friend and be there for him.

How will you know if a boy does not have a crush on you?

If he doesnt pay attention to you and doesnt really care about talking to you.

Do you really exist?

I know I exist, and you know you exist, and I know that you know you exist. Thereby we each both exist, and thus from all perspectives, yes, I exist. Sure I do. But, meh, why is this question here?

What is a sentence for exist?

Why do you even exist?We don't yet know if ghosts really exist.

What don't we know about vampire?

We don't know if they really exist, how they look like, what they really do, where they live, etc.

Is the book what my girlfriend doesn't know any good?

AWESOME BOOK, but you should read, what my mother doesnt know, before you read, what my girlfriend doesnt know... its the book before what my girlfriend doesnt know!

Middle colony travel?

It Travel Anywhere But I KNow This Doesnt Make Since But I Really Hope Its Works! Im Really Sorry If It DOesnt WOrk!

Can the naga bakugan change attribute?

i really don't know because naga does not have an attribute.I really dont know why it doesnt have an attribute (wayvern doesnt have one either) (shes nagas sister)

How do you know if your boyfriend is mad at you?

if he avoids you and doesnt really want to do anything with you!

You hopelessly like this boy What should you do?

Let him know you exist if you don't he will probably never ask you out. just flirt with him if he doesnt catch on talk to his friends and tell them to ask him if he likes you.

How can you talk to a guy who doesnt know you exist?

make you exist you dont have to think! Talk to him about a work/school issue and ask if he wants a study buddy!

Why are burning and tanning less likely when the sun is low or when you're behind glass?

there is this guy and he is oh so fine. man its really awesome he probably doesnt know i exist but i dont care.

Do vampires really exist in the human race?

If You Really want to know Go To www.darknessembraced.com

How do you know your girlfriend don't like you?

she starts to be really mean until she doesnt want to go out anymore seriously if you are going through this you should talk to her

I really like this girl we are friends but not close so how do i get her interested in me?

I think that you should go up to her and talk to her. Get to know what she is intersested in and if she seems to flirt with you then you should tell her how you feel about her. If she doesnt notice you then you should move on.

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