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Yes. Even though driving laws change from states to state, infractions become part of your record and can be pulled up by any state DMV in the nation.

2006-08-14 13:07:23
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Q: I received a ticket for not wearing a motorcycle helmet in a state that requires a helmet my state doesnt require a helmet will the ticket go on my record if my home state doesn't have the same law?
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Does NJ require motorcycle endorsement fr a sidecar?

I asked and the answer is no. It is considered an extension of the motorcycle. But make sure it has lights and that passenger is wearing a helmet The question wasn't does a sidecar rig require a "special" endorsement The question was "does the state of NJ require a motorcycle endorsement for a sidecar". The answer is YES. to operate a motorcycle with a sidecar you must have a motorcycle endorsement

If I am not wearing a motorcycle helmet and I have an accident will it affect any settlement I may get?

If your state requires that motorcycle riders wear a helmet, and you were not wearing a helmet when you had an accident, insurance companies may use that against you to reduce any settlement. If your state has no helmet law, then insurance companies are prohibited from reducing your settlement by federal law.

What is the significance of a motorcycle rider wearing a spur?

what is the significanae of a biker wearing one spur ?

How many people have died from not wearing a motorcycle helmet?


When did wearing a motorcycle helmet become law in nsw?


Will I get a ticket for not wearing a motorcycle helmet?

If there is a mandatory helmet law in your state, you will probably get a ticket if you do not wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle.

What is the punishment for not wearing a motorcycle helmet in Ohio?

The rider has to be at least 18 to ride a motorcycle helmet without being cited.

How many people died last year in motorcycle accidents?

About 5,000 people a year die in motorcycle accidents. Many of these are not wearing a motorcycle helmet when they crash.

Not wearing a motorcycle helmet?

...will most certainly get you fined or arrested if not KILLED.

How many motorcycle deaths to not wearing helmets in Texas?

There will be a so many members 2 death a not a wearing helmets in texas

Is it illegal to ride a motorcycle wearing a bikini?

In California it is legal to wear a bikini while wearing a bike. Wearing a bikini is required if you live within 100 feet of me.

Why is it important to wear a motorcycle helmet?

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is highly crucial for one's safety while riding a motorcycle. It can save one's life if one gets into a crash or accident.

What does wearing a grey bandanna mean?

It means you support Grand Fathers Motorcycle Club.

Is wearing a helmet on a motorcycle a federal law?

I dont believe it is but it is safe to wear one

How does wearing a motorcycle helmet help you?

Wearing a motorcycle helmet will prevent you from getting cited if there is a mandatory helmet law in your state. Whether a helmet offers added safety benefits or not is debatable === === A motorcycle helmet helps protect your skull, therefore protecting your brain in the event of a motorcycle accident. To not wear one could possibly cause serious injury, or even death. There have been numerous studies on this proving that you ARE safer and better protected while wearing a helmet; statistics have proven this, as well.The main benefit of wearing a helmet when driving a motorcycle is to protect your head. It will protect it from the wind as you are driving, as well as flying bugs, debris and litter that might come at you. It will also protect you if you have an accident as it will cushion the head from impact.

How old do you have to be to ride a motorcycle with out a helmet?

In some states that don't have specific mandatory laws in requiring people to wear motorcycle helmets regardless of their age, you have to be at least 18 years old to be able to ride motorcycle without wearing motorcycle helmets. But it is highly advisable that you wear one to avoid injuries from motorcycle accidents.

What are the benefits of wearing helmet while riding motorcycle?

If you should fall/crash, it can protect your head (and face).

What is a Cooler motorcycle helmet?

I think a well-ventilated motorcycle helmet is much cooler than the other helmets in the market. Hopefully, helmetshops(dot)com/best-ventilated-motorcycle-helmet/this article will help you out.

If you get pulled over on a motorcycle for not wearing a helmet can the police officer make you wait there?

Wait for what, someone to bring you a helmet? If your state requires helmets, then of course they can make you wait. By not wearing a helmet you are relinquishing your motorcycle operator privileges, and as such, you are not legally permitted to operate the vehicle. Besides which, if the officer did not make you wait, it would serve you right if the officer waited for you to pull away, and then immediately pulled you over again and wrote you another ticket. How many of these stops would it take before you decided to wait?

Why is wearing a helmet on a motorcycle so important?

Motorcycle Helmets are very important accessory for one's safety, because only this can save your head from any damage in case of any accident, and there should be a compulsion of using helmet for all the motorcycle riders.

Why wear safety boots at work is it law?

The wearing of safety boots or safety shoes at work is the law in the sense that the law requires the employer to assess hazards in the workplace and ensure that they are adequately controlled or eliminated. If that assessment shows a hazard to the feet, then the employer my require the wearing of safety foot to control or eliminate that hazard.

How Does wearing a motorcycle helmet help the society?

it doesnt, it just leaves more people paralyzed for the rest of their lives.

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If you crash my motorcycle will it hurt?

Yes. But you can minimize against damage by wearing proper armoured clothing, motorcycle boots and helmet, riding sensibly and reading the road and it's hazards. e a rider not a donor.