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You don't. You have to maintain the factory radio in the car somewhere or the keyless entry will not work on 96-98 civics.

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Q: I replaced my built in radio with other new brand. Is my keyless remote entry for 2000 Honda Civic EX affected?
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How to Program keyless remote 2006 Honda civic?

you have to take it to the dealer

1996 Honda civic ex keyless entry remote will not open passenger door. any ideas?

Try it manually, with the actual key. If it opens that way, then the remote sending unit is defective.

Where is the Honda Civic remote relay?

Honda civic remote relay

Does your car have a keyless entry system?

yes it does, i have a 2006 civic lx

2007 Honda Civic remote start?

What about it?

On a 2002 Honda civic LX was the keyless entry system installed standard?

No it is standard on ex and dx

Your remote no longer works on your 2001 EX Civic any reasons why?

It is not the battery and the spare remote does not work either

What recalls have affected the 2002 Honda Civic?

The recalls that have affected the 2002 Honda Civic include airbags recalls. The total number of recalls included an additional 272,779 vehicles as of December 2011.

When to replace front shocks in civic?

When you find it faulty and need to be replaced

Do all Honda Civics come with an alarm and remote for them?

Not all Honda Civics come with an alarm but I own a 1997 Honda Civic that came with a remote.

You changed the battery on your keyless remote to your 1997 Honda civic hx but now it doesnt work how can you reset you don't have the manual?

Turn ignition on, press close button and hold for ten seconds, then press open button for ten seconds. Know the two off them should be talking. Good luck

Does your 1998 Honda Civic have anti theft system?

I have a 1998 2 door Honda civic and mine doesn't have keyless entry or an anti theft system installed, you can buy an anti theft system and install it, but they can be expensive

What are the Wiring schematics for 1998 Honda civic to install a remote starter?

The labeling of the wires is a key factor for a good installation. The remote starter has the wiring schematics when opened.

Does the 2005 Honda civic have a timing chain?

According to Honda's website the standard Civic models did not start using a timing chain until 2006 with the exception of the SI models which were a different engine and have always had a timing chain. But PRIOR to 2006 all the other civic models had timing belts (which have to be replaced to be replaced periodically).

How do you change the headlamps on a 1998 Civic DX?

I got them replaced at Jiffy Lube. Thank you.

Will a remote from a 2003 Honda crv work with on a 1998 civic?

It will need to be re-programmed but, yes, it should.

Can you get a keyless entry system installed on a 2003 Honda Civic LX coupe?

Yes, just got to the Honda website (, then go to OwnerLink) and you can search for accessories specific to your vehicle. The keyless entry system for the 2003 Honda Civic LX coupe costs about $250 without installation; it's $350 installed. The accessories are available for purchase through the Honda online store as well.

What causes P1361 code to appear in 2001 Honda Civic 1.7 Vtec?

Camshaft sensor needs to be replaced... for the 2001 Honda Civic, there has been a TSB released saying certain vehicles with certain VINs need to have their cylinder head replaced... Google it.

Factory keyless remote does not work on your 1996 Honda Civic Ex The radio volume control knob is also malfunctioning this might be the issue because the keyless is related to the radio?

In that generation of Civic, the factory keyless remote system resides within the radio head unit. It is also common that the volume knob begins to fail after 15 years in service (my 96 Civic Hx radio knob is starting to go as well). However, although it is true that the keyless entry unit is housed within the head unit, it is not affected by the operation or lack of operation of the volume control knob. These are the steps I would take, in this order, to troubleshoot this problem. 1. The key may have become unprogrammed for some reason. To reprogram the key, follow these steps. * Turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position. * Press and continue to hold the Valet-Disarm button, a small inconspicuous button located on the radio head unit in-between the AM/FM and CD/TAPE buttons. * Wait for the door locks to cycle. This is notification that the remote entry system is now in reprogramming mode. Continue to hold the Valet-Disarm button. * Within 5 seconds of this notification, press either one of the LOCK or UNLOCK buttons on your remote. The door locks will once again cycle as notification of an accepted keyless entry code. Continue to hold the Valet-Disarm button. * If you have any other remotes, press the LOCK or UNLOCK buttons to program those as well. When you have reprogrammed all remotes, release the Valet-Disarm button to complete the process. 2. If reprogramming does not solve the problem, replace the batteries of the remotes. Instructions are on the back side of the remote. After replacing the batteries, follow the reprogramming steps again. 3. If your remote entry system is still unresponsive, the easiest step for most individuals would be to visit your local dealer for assistance. If possible, ask a technician to show you how the process is done. They may not charge you, and you will gain the know-how for possible future events. -APTech ---- There shouldn't be any correlation between the two because I have a 95 Civic EX with a remote start and mine works great and the volume knob does sometimes malfunction. Try to clean your deck or radio; it helps. With a remote start I'm guessing you live in a colder climate; that also has a slight effect on how your car functions overall. Hope I helped.

Replaced Stock stereo in 98 Civic EX now alarmKeyless entry does not work?

Contact crutchfield radio / electronics they will provide you with a free wiring harness when you purchase the radio thru them which will allow you to connect your radio without effecting the cars other electrical systems. the 1996 to 1998 Honda civic has the keyless entry module built into the factory radio, you will have to wire the factory radio in-line with your aftermarket radio, most people then hide the factory radio under the center console. your other options would be to go without keyless entry or install an aftermarket unit.

1994 Honda civic del sol door replaced with power windows and locks?

and your question is what??

How do you change the license plate light bulb on a civic?

It depends what year and model you have. Most civic just have a screw that holds the lens on. Once you unsrew it the bulb can be pulled out and replaced.

97 Honda civic heater fan not working?

There are a couple of reasons why a Honda Civic heater fan is not working. The fan motor may of blown or a fuse needs to be replaced.

Why your civic running to rich?

Your civic could be running too rich because you used bad gasoline. It could also be running rich if a spark plug needs replaced.

What would be the problem with a automatic transmission in a 1995 civic if the gears slip?

If the gears are slipping on a 1995 Honda Civic then the transmission is worn. The transmission will either soon need to be replaced or repaired.

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