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Just leave her be. If you see her nod your head but don't smile, that way she knows that you are acknowledging her presence, but you don't want to talk. It doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Plus, she probably isn't feeling too happy about it either. Just go about your business and leave it at that.

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Why do wheelbarrows have long handle?

Leverage. The longer the handle, the easier it is to lift the load.

What do you say to a backstabbing friend?

* The best way to handle a backstabbing friend is to face them; look them straight in the eye and tell them that they have broken that bond of trust and you no longer wish to be friends and move on. Good friends don't back stab you and if you remain friends with them then you enable their behavior.

Why is a wrench with a long handle effective in turning a nut compared to a wrench with a small handle?

The longer the handle the greater the leverage.

Why would a handy man put a hollow pipe on his wrench handle to extend it?

The longer the handle the more leverage you have.

Can a standard toilet flush handle be extended to make it more accessible to a disabled person?

It can be extended by rubberband-ing a longer and non-flexible item to the existing handle. For a cleaner and more durable solution, you can buy a newer, longer handle from a department store.

Which is easier for prying open a stuck of paint a screw driver with a thick handle or one with long handle?

a long handle is better because the longer the handle the more torque which means you need less force.

Are your Facebook friends alerted if you quit Facebook?

they are not alerted, but if they go to their friends list it will say "you are no longer friends with this person."

How do scientist know that all of the continents were once joined together?

Scientist say that all the continents were once joined but however when the plate tectonics moved upward and downward they separated, and that's why they are supposedly not joined any longer.

How do you make an popgun ball travels a further distance?

pull the handle longer...

Why recess should be longer?

Recess should be longer because you have more time to talk to your friends.

Can your tamagotchi get married if it has no friends?

yes, but it will take longer

What is mean by x girl friends?

a girlfriend you no longer have

Who is Selena Gomez in Barney and friends?

She does no longer act in Barney & Friends, but when she was acting in it she played Gianna.

Are Selena Gomez and demi lovato friends anymore 2012?

They are acquaintances but they are no longer best friends.

How do you delete friends on moviestarplanet?

click on the friend that you no longer want to be friends with then click on stop friendship

Why is a wrench with a long handles preferred to unscrew a nut?

Longer the handle-the more leverage

Which TV show ran longer FRIENDS or Frasier?

Frasier ran for 11 series, FRIENDS for 10

Do you have to change all the cables on a 02 FLHTC when you replace handle bars?

If the handlebars are the same size and shape then no, but if they are longer you will need longer cables to reach.

Is Emily osment no longer friend with miley?

They're friends.

What does teaspoon look like?

a regular spoon but with a smaller scooping piece and a longer, thinner handle

Why is Chris Raad and Bam Margera no longer friends?

They are friends now but they werent friends for a while because raab didn't like all the pranking

Where is north Vietnam?

There no longer is a North Vietnam, North Vietnam and South Vietnam were joined together after the Vietnam War.

How do you express that you no longer want to be friends with your close group of friends from high school?

Friends from high school will move away as they get into jobs. So you can avoid them by not keeping them in touch.

Why the force needed to undo the bolt is smaller when a spanner with a longer handle is used?

Basically, the longer the handle, the less force is needed to apply a certain torque. This is defined by the equation t=fd where t= torque, f= force, and d= distance in a radial fashion.

What does it mean when you lose interest in your friends?

It simply means that you don't care for your friends anymore, and you're not interested in your friends lives anymore. Answer You no longer have anything in common.