I took about 4 hits of a joint 11 days ago and have 9 days until a drug test. Do you think i will pass?

It depends on if you are a frequent smoker. If you smoke everyday perhaps Marijuana can stay in the fat cells for up to a month or even longer. Let's say perhaps your not a frequent smoker it would be out of your system in up to two weeks. There is no way to clean Marijuana out of the system only time can help. Also if your taking a hair chemical test in could show up for month's even after smoking. There are some rumors on how to become (clean) or get it out of your system. These are drinking alot of water, exercising, and eating. So my personal opinion is that you will not pass. Do not stress over this test though because if your gonna pass your gonna pass if your not your not. I found all of this information over years of research. I'm not here to tell you not to do drugs but the best thing is to stay off of them because they can cause much more problems.