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Upgrading to Windows XP is easy if you have the computer that can do it. The actual minimum install is at least 2x the minimum Microsoft recommends. You may be able to install it but it will run very slow. I can't see exactly what is happening to your computer but I hope you have backed it up. If your important files are backed up, you can set your CMOS to boot from a floppy first and boot from your windows 98 startup disk. You can then use fdisk and format to reformat your hard drive. Then you can try to reinstall XP on a clean hard drive (this is best, the program will ask you to insert your 98 disk.). If your installation still doesn't work you're stuck with win 98. Just reformat again and install Win 98. Of course you'll have to reinstall your programs and data.

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Q: I tried upgrading my windows xp 2000 home edition but it gave me a fatal error and now i am stuck in the middle of the upgrade and my computer will not do anything else?
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